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Chapter 14: The First Kiss

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Chapter 14: The First Kiss

written by anonymous author

added on: 03 Jul 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela-(Grabbs Brian's hand and pulls him down into the boiler room)
Angela-(vo)There's something that I had to do, something that needed to be done. And if I had the chance to take back what I'm about to do, I know that I will never want to take it back...'Cause I know it's the right thing to do.
Brian- Angela, what are you doing! ( he looks confused, and looks around the boiler room)
Angela-I have to do ....this...(she pushes her hair behind her ear, and then reaches her hand up to Brian's face, leans up to him, and kisses him.)
Brian-Ange...(surprised, but kisses her back. They kiss for awhile, and it's almost like slow motion for both of them...flashes of scences of moments of just Brian of Angela go by...fighting or just talking...)
Angela-(vo) there's a moment in your life where you know that something is so right. That maybe you have been wasteing your engery on something that never would work. And suddenly you realized how much you have wanted something without really knowing it.
Brian-(gently moves angela away from him, and looks at her with a concerned look on his face.) Angela, what? I just don't get this, I thought you were with Jordan...
Angela-(looks at the ground, then back up to Brian)I...I just suddenly got it...I mean, I figured it out...
brian-figured what out?
Angela-(vo) then there's a moment when you panic, from being so afraid of getting what you have wanted for such a long time, for possiably getting happiness...and then you blow it...(Angela looks at Brian with tears in her eyes and turns and runs out of the boiler room...)

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