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Chapter 11: busted

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Chapter 11: busted

written by kahlan

added on: 12 Jan 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: now, don't freak out but i was with jordan.
both her parents start to say something but angela stops them before they set in on her.
Angela: He really needed me, and not for something stupid but for something real. and i was like the only person, he could like trust or whatever. and i know i should have called and that i really worried you but i needed to help him because it was important to me, becasue jordans important to me. and you can ground me forever but i will never be sorry for what i did.
graham and patty are very taken back by what angela has said and angela is a little suprised that she said it herself. they really dont know what to say to her because this is a side of angela that they have never seen before.
graham finally says: but your ok?
Angela: Physically, yes. but mentally, i don't know about. V.O how can i state this to my parents. if i tell them the truth they'll talk to jordan about it because they're parents and that's what parents do. and if they do that jordan may never trust me again and i don't want to take that risk.
Angela: I fine mom and dad. i just really tired and i'm hoping that your trust me and just understand that i was doing something very important.

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