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Chapter 14: Perfect Match

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Chapter 14: Perfect Match

written by Joie

added on: 22 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

ANGELA: Brian, I can't talk now, I'll see you later.

BRIAN: (shrug.) Fine.

(ANGELA rushes off down the hall.)


(JORDAN smokes. ANGELA jogs over to him, they kiss.)

ANGELA (VO): I know Rayanne just wants to protect me. But sometimes you have to learn for youself. And it's in simple pleasures, like today, that we learn most.

(ANGELA and JORDAN lie on the ground, leaning against one another, watching the sky.)


(RAYANNE and RICKIE adjust their respective appearance in the mirror.)

RICKIE: Well, I mean, after what happened, maybe you just can't talk to Angela about that anymore.

RAYANNE: So what, you think I was wrong to do that?

RICKIE: Well, I always said you were wrong to do that, I just (sigh.) I said I was still your friend-

RAYANNE: No, to talk to Angela? About Catalano?

RICKIE: Oh, that. Mm, maybe not wrong. Not wrong, okay, I just.. I mean, I can see why maybe she doesn't take that advice.

RAYANNE: Well, I can see that too. I just... wish she would.

RICKIE: Don't we all? Why'd you suggest Brian though? I thought you hated Brian?

RAYANNE: Did I ever say I didn't? (RICKIE makes a face.) I don't know. (RAYANNE becomes serious.) But doesn't he just fit, I mean... Angela's got the perfect house... perfect parents, perfect neighbourhood... and she even used to have the perfect best friend...

RICKIE: Come on, you guys made up, you're still best friends.

RAYANNE: Yeah, but I'm not... that perfect best friend. 'Cause, we're not like her. And, and Jordan's not like her either. I don't know why she wants him, I mean.. it makes more sense, that she stay with Brian. I'm not suggesting she marries him or anything, God, but.. well, you know what I mean.


(RAYANNE and RICKIE exit the GIRL'S BATHROOM. A stall door opens, there stands:

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