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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 15: Until I met you...

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Chapter 15: Until I met you...

written by Mileena

added on: 03 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Nick comes back into the living room, holding a beer bottle and a clear cup, he pauses when he see's Angela and Jordan, his expression falls. Taking a deep breath, he approaches them, intentionally intrupting them before they can kiss.

Nick: Hey, sorry to have kept you waiting.

Angela and Jordan pull apart, and face him, both looking at him. Angela looks embaressed, while Jordan looks slightly annoyed. Nick ignores it, and hands them their drinks.

Nick: I got you a Bud Light, cool? (Hands Jordan the bottle)

Jordan: (Lets go of Angela's left hand and takes it) Yeah, that's cool...(tightly) thanks.

Nick: (Looks at Angela, handing her the cup) Thought you might like Coke and Rum.

Angela: (Tucks her hair behind her ear before she takes it, still holding Jordan's hand) Thank you.

Nick: You're welcome. (He smiles at her, before looking at Jordan)

Jordan: (Takes a drink) So where's you're dad Nick?

Nick: (Shurgs) In Philidephia, on one of his many business trips...some big case.

Angela: (Takes a sip, and makes a face at how strong it is) Whoa...this stuff is strong.

Nick: (Glances at her, chuckling) Think that's harsh, try drinking it straight.

Angela: (Grins and shakes her head) I'll pass...

Jordan: (Jealous but trying to hide it) So long do you have the place to yourself?

Nick: A few more days or so he told me...(Rolls his eyes)

Jordan is about to say something when Shane and Joey approach him.

Shane: Hey Catalano, knew you'd come.

Joey: Hey.

Jordan: (Looks at them) Hey.

Shane: Got any smokes on you?

Jordan: Yeah.

Joey: Wanna go out for a smoke then?

Jordan: (Glances at Angela, clearly relucant to go, but lets go of her hand) I'll back in a minute.

Angela nods, and watches them leave, a little nervous. She turns to Nick.

Angela: (A little awkward) So...where's you're mom?

Nick: Back in San Francisco...we moved after they got dad's got full custory of me...

Angela: (Nods) Sorry to hear that...

Nick: (Shurgs) They were always arguing so...I think it's better this way.

Angela: (Takes another sip of her drink) So do you like...miss her.

Nick: Yeah...I miss her...and I miss California, but hey...what can you do right? (Chuckles faintly)

Angela: (Runs a hand through her hair and smiles) how do you like it here?

She changes the subject as the music shifts to "Stellar" by Incubus.

Nick: (Moves a little closer to her) I didn't like it at first...but...(He smiles at her, talking in a soft voice)...since I met you...the place didn't seem so bad.

Angela: (She looks at him, surprised, answering in a soft voice too) Really...

Nick: (Puts his hand on the fire place, leaning closer to her) Really.

Angela: (Gaspeds, looking away, changing the subject) You're house is amazing...

Nick: (Laughs lightly) Thanks, but it's my dad's house.

Angela: (Sips her drink, looking at the floor) It's still really nice.

Nick: (Sighs) Money is all my dad cares about sometimes, it gets on my nerves.

Angela: (Glances at him then nods) That sucks.

Nick: (Grins) Would you like a tour of the house?

Angela: (Looks at him) Uh...

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