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Chapter 14: Nick's Fancy House!!

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Chapter 14: Nick's Fancy House!!

written by Mileena

added on: 03 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela lets Jordan lead her to the front doors, squeezing his hand as he rings the door bell. A second later Nick opens one of the doors, and grins at seeing them.

Nick: Hey Jordan, Angela. (Holds the door open wider) Come in.

Jordan and Angela go in as Nick closes the door behind them. The large living room is crowed with people, hanging out here and there, talking and drinking. She sees a fire place, a large black leather couch, with a matching sofa, and arm chair, a black marble coffee table, a big screen TV, a VCR, a black Entertainment system. Deftones "Be Quiet And Drive" has just stared playing from the CD Player, blasting from the huge speakers.

Angela (VO): It's always strange to see someone else's house, especially when that someone is rich, and the place is like...fancy or something. I've never really known anyone that was rich, so it all seemed very unreal to me, yet it was fasinating.

Jordan:(Still holding Angela's hand) Hey Nick, how's it goin?

Angela: (Gives Nick a small smile) Hey...

Nick: (Smiles at Angela, but quickly looks back at Jordan) So far so good, you guys want something to drink??

Jordan looks at Angela, she shurgs, smiling slightly. Jordan takes that as a yes, and turns back to Nick.

Jordan: Sure, what do you have??

Nick: Just about anything...(Chuckles)...Beer, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Everclear, Wine...just to name a few...

Jordan: (Laughs) Sounds like you got you're own bar or something...

Nick: (Laughs too) Like my dad's gonna miss any of it.

Jordan: (Nods) I'll have a beer, don't matter what kind.

Nick: Alright. (Looks at Angela) And you?

Angela: (Looks at him, surprised) Uh...(Thinks)...I'll have...(Chuckles) I don't know...surprise me...

Nick: (Grins) Will right back. (He leaves to get their drinks).

Jordan leads Angela further into the living room, next to the fire place. She leans against it as he takes both of her hands in his, pulling her closer. They stare at each other, ignoring everyone else. Just as he leans in to kiss her...

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