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Chapter 10: Innocent

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Chapter 10: Innocent

written by Huie

added on: 11 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Still in Jordan's Car

Angela- So he's nice.

Jordan- (Looks at her, sort of confused) Yeah?

Angela- (Notices his glare) What?

Jordan- (Looking back at the road) Nothin. (Pause) What did you guys talk about.

Angela- Oh you know...

Jordan- (Sounds a little pissed) No I don't.

Angela- Fine. (She smiles) We talked about how we are madly in love with each other, and how we can't live without one another.

Jordan stares at her emotionless.

Angela- (short laugh) God Jordan... I just showed him around.

Jordan relaxes a little.

Angela- What- are you like...

Jordan- (Quickly) No, I'm not.

Angela- (A little hurt by this) Oh. Okay.

Long Silence

Jordan- It's just that, he was like looking at you weird.

Angela- What are you talking about?

Jordan- Like he was, I don't know. Like he wanted...

Angela- (Shocked) Like he wanted me?

Jordan- (Staring at the road- Quietly) Yeah.

Angela- God, I only talked to him for 15 min, and you think he wanted me?

Jordan doesn't answer.

Angela- (To herself) It took a half of a year for you to even realize I was living.

Jordan stares at her hurt.

Angela- (Hurt herself)Well it did!

Long silence- They are now at the Chase's.

Angela- Well, I'll see ya. (She begins to get out)

Jordan opens his mouth to say something, knowing he should, but closes it again, not coming up with anything. Angela opens the door and is pulled back down by Jordan. They stare at each other for a while, only about an inch apart. Jordan, then lightly strokes her cheek, to her neck. His eyes scan her face, looking for forgiveness. She half smiles, forgiving him. He then slowly moves in and lightly kisses her, much like in "Jordan Can't Read". They break away after a minute or two.

Jordan- (Literally nose to nose) Your the only thing I notice now.

Angela smiles a little.


Angela- Okay.

Jordan- (Embarassed)Yeah.

He turns on engine.

They innocently smile at each other as she gets out of the car, and he pulls away.

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