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Chapter 13: angela and brian in love

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Chapter 13: angela and brian in love

written by KRISTEN

added on: 24 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan's head sticks out of the window. The sound of laughter is heard in the backround.
Jordan: angela! your like here. and i'm like here. Hahahaha!
Angela: (to brian) Oh my God.. he's drunk...i'm sorry...please don't be mad..
Brian: no, its ok, hey! i'll get rid of him
Brian stands up and walks over to the car. Jordan was in the passengers seat.
Brian: I think you should like get out of here.
Jordan: Haha! It's the Brain trying to get rid of me. (angrily) You steal angela because you told her about the stupid letter, and now! now! look at you! trying to tell me what to do. ( yelling) don't ever tell me what to do
brian: (shocked) Oh no of course not, i mean, we're trying to have a date.
Brian alks back to Angela. Angela upset. wiping tears from her eyes. Jordan and his friends throw an empty beer bottle in the street and speeds off.

Brian: I'm sorry. look...don't like ( hands angela a napkin) hey..(grabs angelas hand) I love you.
angela: (sniffles) i love you brian .( goes hysterical crying)
brian slides closer to angela. brian leans his head on the tree behind him. he holds angleas hand, stoking it with his thumb.
Brian: I have no idea what i'm doing.
angela looks at him
brian: no..really...i dont know what to do
angela dries some tears with her napkin.
angela: he just hurt me so much.
brian: i know, i know. but hey, theres some soda and chips and look hey look theres bologna and cheese.
angela laughs a little.
brian stands up and pulls anglela to her feet.
brian: lets get out of here
angela: where are we going
brian: my house. my parents went to a banquet in new york. you know like a dinner. we can go there. its cold. we can like eat at my house.
angela: ok..

brian turns the key and walks in. its pitch black, brian switches a light on. angela steps in.

brian: take off your shoes. my mom just got them waxed
angela slips off her doc martens.

brian walks to the kitchen and flips the light switch on. angela and brian set the table up with the items from the picnic. brian reaches over the table and knocks his drink all over himself.

brian: o geez...i should go throw this in the laundry and change
angela: ok

brian exits and angela sits there alone. she pictures brian with no shirt on. angela gets up and walks into brian's room. brian was in his closet apparently searching for a new shirt. angela slips into his room, unncoticed and takes a seat on his desk chair. brian still facing the closet, pulls off his shirt exposing his bare chest.
angela: oh my god
brian turns around shirtless.
brian stammers: i, i thought you you were downstairs

angela gets up and moves across the room. she pulls brians arms over her he kisses angela. angela moves closer. brian kisses her neck and arms and lips. angela rubs her hands over brians chest. brian pulls angela closer and closer, they move onto the bed. angela unbuckles brian's pants.

brian pulls away.

brian: angela...please....
angela: oh my god. i'm so sorry, i had noidea...what was i thinking?:
brian: no really, i liked it, but its too soon. um angela im sorry,i really want to do this, really wit hyou and whatever but not now not here not today.

brian pulls his pants up and buckles them. angela gets up...fixes her hair and kisses brian gently...bran pulls her closer and they pull away and the scene blacks out.

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