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Chapter 12: Picnic Perfection

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Chapter 12: Picnic Perfection

written by Joie

added on: 19 Jan 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


RICKIE: Tonight? (BRIAN nods hopelessly) Brian, I mean, was tonight such a great idea, if you've got nothing planned?

BRIAN: (lifts head) Rickie, please help me! You're, like, actually, like, Angela's friend, you know what she'd like. I mean, I'm sure she talks about stuff like this with you, right?

RICKIE: Yeah, okay. (considers) Well, it's pretty warm tonight. I mean... you could eat outside, like... like a picnic!

BRIAN: (doubtful) A picnic?

RICKIE: Yeah, why not?

BRIAN: You think she'd like a guy to take her out for a picnic?

RICKIE: (shrug) I'd like a guy to take me out for a picnic. I think she'll like it Brian, trust me. Um.. um, you just gotta get the right place, you know, and food, of course.

BRIAN: Well, we could just eat in my backyard. Or hers.

RICKIE: (can't believe BRIAN just suggested that) Uh, no Brian. Not backyard. Away, from both your parents, okay?

BRIAN: (wide eyed) What, you think-?

RICKIE: (sigh) No, Brian. It's just- well, I mean, think about it. Sitting there with your parents eyes on you kinda spoils the mood, right?

BRIAN: I guess.

RICKIE: I'll give you some ideas, okay, but just ideas. This is your date, Brian. Get a pen, some paper. Take this down, okay?

(BRIAN gets the pen and paper out. RICKIE's voice fades off. BRIAN nods, writes.)


(BRIAN walks the aisles, searching.)

BRIAN: What to buy, what to buy... Oh God, this is terrible idea.


(BRIAN knocks on the door. ANGELA answers it, looking beautiful yet casual. She smiles.)



ANGELA: So, where're we going, what's the big secret?

BRIAN: Um, we're going on a picnic. At West Liberty park, you know? Is that- is that..

(ANGELA beams, BRIAN smiles in relief.)


(Lights in the Park glow beautifully, many people sitting around. It's quiet, peaceful. PAN to BRIAN and ANGELA, the rug is spead out, some food is spread out too. BRIAN gets out a small paper lamp, turns it on. It glows warmly.)

ANGELA: (incredulous) Brian, how did you- I mean, my God. This is so perfect, how did you arrange this, I mean.

BRIAN: Well, um... uh, I mean, it's nothing, I mean... Rickie helped me. A bit.

ANGELA: (smiles knowingly) A bit, huh? (Beat.) This is really nice.

(Sound of a car pulling up.)


BRIAN and ANGELA looks up, it's:

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