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Chapter 14: Playing for people you dont even know

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Chapter 14: Playing for people you dont even know

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Counting crows 'Goodnight Elizabeth' plays in the backround as Angela and Rayanne come out from behind the cage and into the club.

They look around and eventually see a group gathered around a table at the back. When they arrive we see Brian, Jordan, and Sharon are there. Angela rushes over and hugs Jordan for a few seconds..Then Sharon for longer..and finaly hesitates before hugging Brian for a long time, her head on his shoulder. Rayanne pulls up chairs. Rayanne looks shattered. The band finishes playing and there is subdued applause.

Brian: Looks like were on..

Brian, Jordan, and Rayanne make their way over to the stage.

Angela: You think he would have liked it..I meen you think.

She starts crying. Sharon holds her.
We see 'Between names' on stage with Brian on sax, and Rayanne at the mike.

MC: As you all know tonights about someone who cant be here..and weve got a few of his friends to say goodbye...

As he speaks the focus changes to reveal the 'Good Bye Ricki' banner in the backround.

MC: We hear at Vertigo would like to say the same. We hope you like it..We hope he would have too..Its 'Between Names'.

Jordon whispers in his ear.

MC: Oh..ok..It's Residue..

Rayanne sings 'My so called Life'.

Fade into various scenes with no sound except the song. Mr Katimsky, sitting at home in a chair staring into the fire until BF puts hand on his shoulder. Angela lying in a field beside Brian, holding his hand, with Sharon not far off - all of them looking up at the stars and kidding around. People leaving Vertigo, Jordan and Rayanne still sat at a table talking..looking into each others eyes, Rayanne even smiling a little. Patty in Ambers house, comforting her in the kitchen. Graham staring into the restaurant window, behind which Hallie Lowenthal is joking with customers.


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