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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 12: residue, where art thou?

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Chapter 12: residue, where art thou?

written by ?

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

girl's toilets:
Angela walks in, Rickie is fixing his hair.


Angela: hey (kisses his cheek, and looks at her reflection)
so... Rickie. is there anything new, with... um... anyone we both, uh, know?

Rickie: (turns around) is this your way of asking me if Brian and Delia are together?

Angela: no!... maybe. okay, yeah it is. so... are they?

Rickie: from what I know. which isn't much. they do have a date coming up.

Angela: oh. is that all? I kinda already knew that.

Rickie: so you've spoken to Brian?

Angela: yeah

Rickie: and... he knows that you've broken up with Jordan?

Angela: yeah, he does. Rickie. he was the first one I told. The first person I wanted to tell. and he didn't even care!

Rickie: Brian? Brian Krakow?!

Angela: he's different now Rickie. Different from yesterday even. Have you seen his haircut? what am I saying. everyone's seen his new haircut. and those clothes. I mean I like them. he looks really cute ...

Rickie: ...he does look good in those clothes...

Angela(cont.): but it's like he's created this whole new world. and it's whole design is to exclude me. no, no I know that sounds too dramatic. but...

Rickie: it's not too far fetched


tut session: Brian is at a desk. Jordan comes in.

Jordan: so...Brain. you got a haircut

Brian: yeah. yesterday. uh, by the way. my name is actually BRI-AN.

Jordan: oh, why didn't say somethin' before.

Brian: you know. I can't even say I know why.

Jordan: yeah?

Brian: yeah!

Jordan: listen *Brian*. I, uh, might have to skip another tut.

Brian: yeah? how come?

Jordan:(sits down) my band's like, a disaster.

Brian: what's wrong with it?

Jordan: I wanna play more than covers. you know. write my own stuff. but like. the other guys. they just don't have, like, any idea.

Brian: yeah. you kinda need to know what you're doing to some extent.

Jordan: and it sounds all hollow. there's no real, I don't know...somethings missing.

Brian: ... actually. I was wondering... well, uh, did you know I play an instrument. well two actually.

Jordan: yeah? bass or guitar?

Brian: uh, sax, actually.

Jordan: oh.

Brian: I know what you're thinking, but the sax is a great instrument. have you ever heard of 'morphine'.

Jordan: yeah, they're alright! I like them... as a matter of fact.

Brian: so... would you ever consider a sax player?

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