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Chapter 17: My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me

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Chapter 17: My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me

written by Libbey

added on: 04 Nov 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian VO: oh my god. Oh My God. OH MY GOD! Angela Chase is kissing me. Angela Chase, you know, the enchantingly beautiful object of my eternal desire with whom i have a snowflakes chance in hell with? The girl who i dream about, fantasize about, and (i admit it) obsess over is doing something with her tongue to my tongue that feels so amazing it should be illegal. There is no way this can actually be happening.

Breathlessly, Angela is the first to pull away. Her face is quickly turning crimson, and her eyes questioning search Brian's face for his reaction. And oh, does he have a reaction. As if frozen, he remians motionless for a few seconds, his eyes closed, mouth open and arms lying limply at his sides where they landed after dropping his books. He is abruptly brought back to earth when Delia reaches up and slaps him across the face.

Delia: How could you! and just when i thought...(Soon tears are cascading down her cheeks, but instead of being angry her emotions turn to those of resignation) I was just kidding myself wasn't i? You could never feel for me the way you do for her. (sobs become more forceful) i just... I just...( and with that she runs off sobbing downt he halls)

Angela: ( has turned to watch Delia flee, and a look of "what have i done" crosses her face) Brian, i'm so sorry, you and Delia...I didn't mean to...
Brian places his hands on either side of Angela's face adn turn her to face him.
Brian: You have nothing to be sorry about. I was the one who was leading Delia on. She's right, i'm never going to be over you, and i don't think i ever want to be. Now don't laugh, because what i am about to do is going to take more courage than anything i have ever done before, but it is something that i have wanted to do for as long as i can remember. I am going grow a backbone, and finally kiss you Angela Chase

Angela's face loses its look of confusion and she smiles, looking up lovingly at Brian

Angela: So how about to stop talking about it and actually kiss me Brian Krakow?

And so they kiss, right there in the middle of the hall in Liberty High, in front of god and everybody.

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