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Chapter 17: Transfer of Affection

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Chapter 17: Transfer of Affection

written by Joie

added on: 07 Dec 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

BRIAN watches despondently as ANGELA flips her hair, walks off to another table without a backwards glance. She smiles at RANDOM GIRL, and sits down, takes out a diary, starts flicking through.

BRIAN (VO): Sometimes, I think I must have, like, masochistic tendencies or something. 'Cause, for some reason, I keep just like, clinging, to any little tiny sign that Angela Chase may or may not be showing me. Even though I, like, know. In my head, that it's all meaningless.

CHAVATAL: Okay, people, today we will be looking at genetic characteristics, uh, using the Punnet square method, and also looking at sex-linkage characteristics. So, if everybody turns to page 41...


DELIA: (whisper) I'm really glad I got to transfer to this class.

BRIAN drags his gaze away from ANGELA. He looks at DELIA's warm, smiling face. Beat. He smiles.

BRIAN: Me too.

BRIAN (VO): This is so ridiculous. Delia Fisher... *likes* me. Delia Fisher has given me a second chance. Angela Chase... will never feel anything for me.

DELIA: Here, you can share my textbook.

BRIAN: Thanks. 'Cause, um, I kinda lent my textbook. To Angela Chase.

DELIA: Oh, well, why don't you just ask for it, if you need it.

BRIAN: Yeah, I guess. (Beat) Um, Delia, like, uh... I mean, do you want to, like, do something, y'know, after school, or whatever. 'Cause, we could like finish these exercises, at my house, or, y'know, we could do something else?

BRIAN looks hopeful. DELIA smiles, and says:

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