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Chapter 15: the curse

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Chapter 15: the curse

written by lucy!

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

AngelaVO:I had decided to become better friends with Brian.:I'd try anyways.It's wierd,but whenever Brian and I have conversations,we're mostly just hurling insults at each other.I'm starting to think its a curse.It used to that way with me and Sharon,but now we're better friends.Not best friends like before though.
''''''''''''''''next day at school''''''''''''''''''''''''''


Sharon:I love your hair,Angela!

Angela:(doubtfully)really? I dont think *I* really like it.The color looked alot better on the box.I think its too....brassy.

----- earlier--in---the--hallway------------------------

(Brian walking down the hall,debating on whether to go to class,or the boiler room with Delia)

BrianVO:It seems like everything that I've come to depend on lately is changing.My secret obsession with Angela,Me not having a girlfriend,Angela treating me like I'm a New Jersey mosquito.Even Angela's hair color!These are the things you come to depend on.Now all these changes are happening.And,like all at the same time.
( Brian sees Delia and Catches up to her)

Brian:Hey Delia.

Delia:(smiling)Oh,hi Brian! you um....

Brian:(finishing her sentence)want to go to the boiler room?Hmm.....I want to.We really shouldn't make a habbit of it though.I mean,I want to get into a good school,and if I keep missing class-

(Brian stops talking whenhe sees Angela)

AngelaVO:I was having the perfect day.I really liked my new hair color...My mom even liked it(I'm not sure yet whether or not thats a bad sign).I had gotten an A- on a english term paper.Then,I had to see Brian walking down the hall with Delia Fisher.

BrianVO:I was having the perfect day untill I saw Angela.I hadn't thought about her once that day before then.She had dyed her hair again,a really pretty shade of red,but lighter than before.It reminded me of the sunset.She looked like an angel.

Delia:Brian,let me go to the bathroom a sec.To put on lip balm.Then(raising her eyebrows)we can go to the boiler room.?

Brian:(not really paying attention)yeah ,sure.

(Delia walks towards the bathroom,and Brian walks up to Angela, who is putting books in her locker.


Angela:(looking up)so Krackow..are you and Delia a couple now?

Brian:(getting defensive)What's it to you?

Angela:Why do you always have to be so cynical?I was just making conversation.

Brian:Oh,well sorta.(he decided to take advantage of the situation)We're still working towards getting past the Boiler Room stage....

Angela:(startled)Oh,yeah right!

Brian:(nastily)Is it so hard to believe?

Angela:(pretending to consider it)..yes!

Brian:Well,...well I dont care what you think.Go analyze Jordan Catalano's leaning habbits,or something.

Angela:(snorting )Whatever.You know ,I just thought of something.With your old haircut,you looked like Shaggy,from Scooby-Doo.

Brian:Looked at you hair.You *dyed* it *again*!It's the shade of puked-up macoroni and cheese.And you can still see the roots.And the colors all brassy..

Angela:Brian,get a life.(walks to class)


Angela:(snapping back to attention)Huh?

Sharon:I told you not to worry,your hair isn't brassy.

( Rayanne enters)

Rayanne:(uncomfortably)Oh,hey dye your hair.*It hurts to look at you*.(looks hurt)..remember that time you said...never mind.

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