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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 11: some things, you just cant let change...

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Chapter 11: some things, you just cant let change...

written by chanel

added on: 26 Feb 2006 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

friday afterschool-on the bus
angela sees brian in the seat across from her.
angela-smiles hi
brian -(just looks at her)hey
angela-(trying to make him feel better) ...brian...
brian:i gotta go.(gets off at the stop)
angela attempts to get up and go after him...but she doesnt.

Angelas laying on her bed, looking out the window...waiting for something to happen.
AngelaVO- so its saturday, and i have to say..that, i miss the way things were, with brian, he hasnt been over like all week, or dropped by with some lame excuse, or waited out for me while he rides his stupid bike around the block.

patty-ANGELA!! were going out-!!
angela walks down stairs-with a sad realizing look on her face-
Graham-wheres my keys??
patty-you okay honey?
angela-yeah , iam fine...
danielle-mom!...i need to go to stacie's iam gunna be late!
patty-just a minute, sweetheart
patty-so angela,are you sure you'll be fine here for a few hours,?
angela:mom! yes god, iam not a child...i can saty home alone for a few hours on a saturday...
patty:alright, well me and your father will be out, and danielle is at her friends stacie's.

angelavoi know it sounds pathetic,
-flipping through the channels-
angelavo but i do feel lonely
-mabey because of brian,... its just sometimes he'll act so sad, and his eyes will get all blue and will just look like hes gunna cry,and hes so sensitive hes like a fragile doll youd get from your great aunt or something, so beautiful to look at, but you cant touch it...cuz it might fall or brake, or do something that youll never be able to forgive yourself for.
~~~looks over to the counter and sees brians math text book~~~

Angela walks over to brians house , mrs. krackow answers)
mrs.K-hello angela?-what a surprise it nice to see you.
angela: hi , i just this is brians math book, witch i was technacilly suppose to return it to him like last thrusday so...
mrs.K- oh well i dont know whats wrong with brian these days hes been, acting all sad and when i ask him whats wrong , he just goes up to his dont know whats wrong?
angela: umm.. i dont.. so if you could give it to him,
mrs.K- no, no, angela dont be silly go ahead bring it up to him, it would be good for him to see you.
angela walks up to his room-
knocks ans walks in brians laying on his bed , he doesnt get up, hes just throwing a baseball and catching it.
angela: hey
brian: hey
angela: so i brought... your math book...
(cuts her off)
brian: just put it on the desk,
- music cuts in LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE by JET-
angela put down the book and turns back to look at brian-
angela: brian..
brian: look angela just go okay-
angela (brakes down into sad solem) i need to say something!
brian: what angela !(he gets up) stands close to her)
angela(starts crying) i miss you!...
brian:(shocked, and in a calm way)...why
angela: i miss how you...i mean you dont come over anymore,and you act like iam the last person you'd ever wanna see!
brian: (defensivly) i know! i acted that way, but just seemed after the letter and everything i was the last person you wanted be with , or talk to!
angela: (her voice brakes)...your the only person i wanted to be with!...i need you
brian: (moves closer to angela)
angela: (hugs him)
angelavo: his shirt smelt amazing...but brian alway smelt amazing , some things never change ...and i like it like that.
brian:so what do you want me to do.
angela: you could kiss me
brian:what? kiss you
angela:(puts her head down)
brian:(lifts her head and kisses her)
screen fades out, song fades out...

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