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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 10: Facts and Feelings

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Chapter 10: Facts and Feelings

written by Joie

added on: 31 Oct 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


AVO: Sometimes, a lot lately, actually, I just feel myself being...weighed down with guilt. Guilt about everyone, and everything. Not having sex with Jordan, not being a good daughter...(sees BRIAN in class as she walks past) not loving Brian Krakow.

(BRIAN looks up just as she's gone)

AVO: In fact, in a way, I even feel guilty about Rayanne. How I forgave Jordan, should I just forgive her too. She's sorry. That's what Rickie says, and he's usually right.

(ANGELA sees JORDAN outside through the window.)

AVO: Why does he do this to me? Why couldn't he have just, like, written it himself. A stupid letter. Even if half the words are wrong or whatever, I wouldn't have cared. Just so long, as I knew they were from his heart. That's what matters to me.



ANGELA: What do you think you're doing, like, pushing my friends around?


ANGELA: How dare you take this out on Rickie?!

JORDAN: Oh, so he told you that too?

ANGELA: He didn't have to. I was there. I saw you! Hassling him and push him. He's, like, got enough problems with-without worrying about you, okay?!

JORDAN: Hey, I just wanted to know.

ANGELA: What?! What did you wanna know?!

JORDAN: Like. The truth. Or whatever. I mean. Why did he have, tell you?

ANGELA: He's my friend. At least *he* can be honest with me.

JORDAN: Okay, well. I'm being honest now. Right. Like. I'm confused, okay. And I want to, like, know. Where is Brian, in all of this. Coz, like. As far as I'm aware, or whatever, he just...wrote the letter. But that kid, Rickie or whatever, he's like, talking about...uh...emotions. Or something. So.

ANGELA: I don't know either. I *thought* that letter was you. Was your feeling (chin trembles) and then...and's like, not.

JORDAN: It was my feelings. I, couldn't...write it. Properly. And now Brain and them,, screwed it up.

ANGELA: What is it with you? Why are you always blaming someone else? Brian, Rickie...Me. (JORDAN says nothing) Okay. Fine. Just stay away...from me and my friends, okay?

(ANGELA walks off)

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