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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 8: Begging For A Straight Answer

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Chapter 8: Begging For A Straight Answer

written by Stephanie

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela listens to Rickie seriously, but then she... looks up at him as he starts to laugh suddenly, sarcastically

Rickie: There I go again, with my big mouth. (smile) You won't push me into the wall, will you Angela?

Angela: I really do take responsibility for that Rickie!! I don't know what is up with Jordan. He's changing.

Rickie: Maybe not, maybe your seeing what was always there. I used to like him too, remember, (smiling) the leaning discussion? I've learned my lesson now though. What about you?

Angela: I don't know how I feel. I'm like, all jumbled up or something, you know?

Rickie: I know what you mean, believe me. I've been there. Anyway, I gotta go to class or wherever. I'll see you. I hope things work out.

(He starts to walk off in the opposite direction but is hauled back by Angela.)

Angela: Wait a minute!! Rickie you seem to know a lot about everyone lately, don't you?

Rickie: (nervously): Angela, I've said too much as it is.

Angela: For once in my life, I want, like, complete clarity in a situation. I want to be able to say that I really understand what is going on in somebodies head. I want to have a reason for acting the way I do. I'm tired of acting on my hormones. Whenever I do, things get all screwed up,

Rickie: (hopeless, giving up, expressively lets hands go to his sides in a 'whatever' gesture ) Oh! OK, but this is all I'm going to tell you!! See Rayanne, she really does miss you, she just- (cut off)

Angela: I'm not asking about her!! I'll solve my difficulties with Rayanne when I find a way to get the picture of her and Jordan going down out of my mind.

Rickie: (confused) Than who are you asking about? I don't know that much Angela, really.

Angela: I'm asking about Brian, Rickie. For once and for all I'll ask you, why did he write that letter? Please give a true answer. I know it won't be the same if it isn't coming from his mouth, but he never gives me a straight answer. So I'm going to trust your jugement. Your sorta, like, his friend or whatever. (looks expectantly at Rickie, hopefully trusting. Rickie swallows slowly and sighs, taking everything in)

There is a long silence between the two, Angela begins to fear that Rickie will simply refuse to continue on with the conversation.

Angela: (VO) Its kind of funny that right now I sit and worry about what Brian Krackow thinks about *me*. After all the time I spent arguing and disliking him. You get used to a person, you know? And now all of the sudden I can almost really *see* Brian as a real *individual* and not just the boy next door. I want to know him, I have *known of him* for so long. I'll easily admit that he is at times rather dorky and annoying but he never, as far back in my memory as I can remember, treats me like anything more than a friend. He might be aggravating and pestering but he is never cruel, not really. I guess, I can finally, like, appreciate that. So this new part of me that notices him, it wants to see what he really thinks of me. That letter, it is, like, a window into some quiet beauty I have never known. Now I want to see if this is a part of Brian or just fiction.

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