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Chapter 7: Realization and Jordan Catalano hit hard

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Chapter 7: Realization and Jordan Catalano hit hard

written by Stephanie

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: (VO) When realization hits, it hits hard. You think things are good, that life is like, getting easier, but your just in the dark. Like my own little life for example. Ten mintues ago I thought things were going OK. Maybe I had no Rayanne. Still, I had Jordan. Jordan Catalano, my dream man, my goregous, sweet, finally-interested-in-me man. Even though, in truth, I trusted Jordan as little as I did Rayanne and I had no idea why I wasn't treating Rayanne like I was Jordan things seemed liveable. Maybe, above everything else, I had no idea why I wasn't angry beyond words with Jordan's deceptions. But that was ten minutes ago, and now as I watch Jordan-the-dream-boat-Catalano act like a complete imbecile and push one of my few remaining friends into a wall simply because he was and still is telling the truth, everything becomes clear to me. These few seconds I spend realizing all of these things are my few moments of clarity. After these moments, I'll just be left picking up the pieces, and doing what I have to do.

Angela: Oh my god! (She rushes to Rickie's side) Rickie! Are you OK?

Rickie: (a little shaken, shocked) Angela?! I'm fine, I guess, but.. umm how much of that did you see?

Angela: More than enough, Rickie. (angry) God, I'm so sorry! What is wrong with him? I'm gonna have a talk with him, that's definite!

Rickie: Do that later.

Angela: (questioning) What?

Rickie: First, talk to Brian. He deserves a real discussion. He told me about last week. You owed him more than that. Angela, he is a person too, he has feelings. Leaving him like that, it was, pretty cruel.

Angela listens to Rickie seriously, but then she...

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