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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 6: Accusations and Realizations

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Chapter 6: Accusations and Realizations

written by Stephanie

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan rushes through the halls, angry beyond reason, looking for Rickie. He finally finds Rickie taking a drink at a waterfoutain near the A hall. He taps on Rickie's shoulder roughly. Rickie reacts instantly, with a nervous flinch.

Rickie: Oh! Hi Jordan. What's up?

Jordan: You told her! (Jordan growls idiotically,)

Rickie: What? Uh, what do you mean?

Jordan: You told Angela about the letter, didn't you? You told her I didn't write it!

Rickie: Yes, I did... I-I I'm sorry Jordan. (Rickie says this with true compassion, but Jordan is oblivious to this, he responds, once again, with heated idiocy, yelling.)

Jordan: You had no right to do that!!

Rickie: She had a right to know! I swear, you and Brian have some serious difficulties with letting your emotions show, or something. And you both know who you have these problems with, don't you?

(Jordan looks away ashamed, Rickie continues.)

Rickie: So don't tell me it wasn't my right! I was only telling her the truth. The truth you and Brian are too scared to admit to.

Jordan: Its still none of your business! Brain wrote me the letter because I needed him to. Angela wasn't supposed to know.

Rickie: Talk to 'Brain' about that than, I'm sure if you ask him carefully he'll, for once, tell the truth. The truth that Angela deserves.

Jordan: Angela is my buisness! Stay out of it! If I ever hear that you've been, like, spreading rumors around you'll hear from me! And I won't be so kind!

With that, Jordan, stalks off, after pushing Rickie into the wall. But, unbeknownst to Jordan and Brian, someone has been listening, and that someone is very shocked with what they heard. Hiding, behind the open door of the library, stands....

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