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Chapter 13: Double Take

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Chapter 13: Double Take

written by Joie

added on: 01 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


RAYANNE: Whoooh! Freaky Brian's getting closer and closer Angelica!

RICKIE: So. Wait. Did, Brian, like, know you were Juliet?

(ANGELA gives him a look.)

RAYANNE: Duh squared!

RICKIE: But, like, how did he know?

ANGELA: Rickie, we're talking, like, Brian Krakow, like,, the guy who has made it, like his personal mission to destroy any happiness or dignity that I might ever possibly have!


RAYANNE: So, Angela. What do you want us to do? I can humiliate him in ways, that are, like, so bad. He'll rip his face off before he steps with five yards of you again.

ANGELA: I wish. No. I just...I don't want, get. Into anything with him. I just want, I mean, orgininally, I just wanted to be his friend, but now he like, just totally, rejected that. So...I don't know.

RICKIE: Why don't you swap with someone too?

RAYANNE: Yeah, two can play at his game.

ANGELA: With who?

RICKIE: How about....Pam Troy?


(RAYANNE, RICKIE and ANGELA stand by some lockers, waiting. PAM TROY approaches.)

ANGELA: Hey...Pam!

PAM: Hi.


PAM: Hi. Uh..?

ANGELA: Uh, Pam. I was, like, wondering. About the play in English. You, know, like, that Shakespeare thing.

(RAYANNE and RICKIE busy themselves slightly aside)

PAM: Yeah.

ANGELA: Well, like. The thing is, that. I'm like, Juliet, you know. Right?

PAM: Right?

ANGELA: And I've got, like, zero acting experience, and I'm not sure I'm, like, gonna be able to like, carry it off. The part. You see. (PAM looks unsure) And, actually...the problem is. That. You know Brian Krakow?

PAM: Kind of. Yeah.

ANGELA: Well, I've been like...having problems with him, and I feel...a bit (chin trembles) harrassed by him. (PAM makes sympathetic noise) Just. Like. And now I've, like, found out that he, uh, he actually swapped with that he is now, like Romeo...and he like. I mean, I know you. Wouldn't like, tell, anyone about this. But, I just don't really be in that kind of...situation. With him. Right now.

PAM: That is so terrible.

ANGELA: So, I was wondering. If you would be willing to swap with me?

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