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Chapter 9: Heartfelt Truths

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Chapter 9: Heartfelt Truths

written by Joie

added on: 31 Oct 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

from last story

BRIAN: pulls away from ANGELA Angela, I love you. Please forgive me for that

AVO: Have you really wished you felt something, that you were something, just so you could escape what you really felt inside. really were. At that moment, I just wished I could tell him, that I loved him. I mean, it would have been much easier. But when he hesitated, and waited for me to answer, I knew, inside, that I couldn't do this.

ANGELA: stepping back Shhhhh. Brian. Look...I just....Brian, you're my friend, and, you know, we'll always be friends...but...

BRIAN: But you don't love me, right? I knew it.

ANGELA: I have to be honest with you! chin trembles I can't lie...Would you really, honestly rather I lied to you, and just didn't....

BRIAN: No...whatever. I understand. Fine.

ANGELA: I'm really sorry Brian. I..just can't see you as ... anything more than....

BRIAN: The guy across the street.

ANGELA: It's not like that. I do like you Brian....I just don't...feel this way. That you feel.

BRIAN: Fine. Sure.

KRAKOW'S CAR pulls up in driveway.

BRIAN: Uh...that's, like, my parents.

ANGELA: Yeah. wipes eyes Are you okay?

BRIAN: Yeah....look, uh...I've stuff. So. Uh...Can you, like, go?

BERNICE: Hi Angela. Hi Honey. Doesn't stop, goes inside

ANGELA: Oh sure. Right. If I'm not engaging in, like, tonsil hockey with you, I should just get lost, right.

BRIAN: No...I you wanna stay...why would you?

ANGELA: Maybe you should just grow up Krakow. Move on. Stop trampling your way into, like, other people's lives and then just...just leaving them. For someone who's supposed to be so mature, you can sure act like, like a kid. Often!

BRIAN: Oh, like you're so mature Chase! Running after a guy that can't even spell his own name-

ANGELA: Well, at least he's honest with me!

BRIAN: Oh, he's honest. I hadn't heard tha-

ANGELA: At least he doesn't use other people to say what he really feels. Why couldn't you - why couldn't you just, like, tell me. Separately. Why did you have to drag Jordan into it? I can't believe you. You're even pouting or something, cause I didn't say I love you! Exits back across the road

BRIAN: calls after ANGELA Oh, that hurts!

BRIAN stands there for a moment, staring. ANGELA turns and sees him looking, and runs inside.

BERNICE (OS) : Brian honey, can you grab that bag of groceries from the car?



BRIAN: Uh. Excuse me?


BRIAN: Can I to Rickie?

RAYANNE: Getting a sense of deja vu talk. I ain't stopping you!

BRIAN: Can you, like...excuse us?

RAYANNE looks at RICKIE, who gives her a 'don't ask me' look.

RAYANNE: Girl's room, Vasquez. Gotta finalise....stuff. Walks off

RICKIE: What's up?

BRIAN: Uh...have you, like, talked to

RICKIE: Not yet. Haven't seen her yet.


RICKIE: starting to walk, but not away Any particular reason?

BRIAN: I ...uh...finally...talked to her. Last night.

RICKIE: Really? I mean, about time. But. Kinda never thought you actually would. You know?

BRIAN: Yeah, thanks. Makes me feel better.

RICKIE: what?

BRIAN: I..nothing. I just....think. She was kind of. Upset. You know....I..uh...I told her. The truth.

RICKIE: The truth?

BRIAN: You know. How, I just...I just wrote the letter for Jordan. I mean. There was...nothing in it. Really. From me....that's the truth. And...I don't....I haven't seen her since. I mean.

RICKIE: clearly not believing this Okay. So you told her 'the truth'. If you feel you've been honest then, that's it. I mean, I hope you've been honest with her.

RICKIE enters the Girl's room. BRIAN stops, stares at the closing door, and walks on.

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