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Chapter 11: Changing Faces

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Chapter 11: Changing Faces

written by Joie

added on: 31 Oct 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(RAYANNE enters Girl's Room.)



RICKIE: I thought you were gonna, like, be in here?

RAYANNE: Details. God. I'm here. Had to see Tino. (Goes into stall)

ANGELA: So...what's this...with Brian. What did he say to you?

RICKIE: (looks uncomfortable) Well, he didn't really go into detail.

ANGELA: Rickie, I have to know. Like, I mean...what he's saying about me. It wouldn't be the first time (chin trembles).

RAYANNE: (exits stall, washes hands, gets lipstick from bag) What's this?

ANGELA: Krakow.

RAYANNE: As in Brian?

RICKIE: Uh huh.

RAYANNE: (to RICKIE) Yeah, what did he want?

RICKIE: Well, what he really wanted was Angela, but he settled for asking me if I'd talked to her.

ANGELA: What else did he say? I just...he can be *such* a creep. What if he, like, goes telling people. Stuff.

RICKIE: Look, basically, he said. That. Okay. He said that he told you that the stuff in the letter, wasn't like, from him. Or his feelings, and that you were kinda upset or disappointed. Or whatever. (ANGELA groans) Which I like, knew, wasn't true. But. You know.

ANGELA: So, what did you tell him?

RICKIE: Uh, well, I just told him that if that's how it was, then that's how it was, and you know, now things were out in the open. So to speak. Just leave things be.

ANGELA: But he won't. I know it. I know him! (getting more upset) I bet he'll tell Sharon and anyone who asks that I was, like, running after him or whatever! When that is totally not true! I mean, I even had to go ask him about it. He wouldn't even, like, admit it. To me.

RAYANNE: So. What do you wanna do? To Krakow?

ANGELA : (wails) I don't know. Kill him?

RAYANNE: What's his part in this, like, whatever. Um. Shakespeare thing, you know?

(ANGELA shrugs)

RICKIE: Oh, he's like, Juliet's father. Lord Capulet.

RAYANNE: I thought that was you.

RICKIE: Yeah, well. It was. But, I got switched.

ANGELA: With Brian? How come?

RICKIE: Not directly with Brian, it's kind of complicated. I think this is it. Brian swapped with that guy Kyle, you know, Sharon's boyfriend, or whatever? I don't know why exactly. Anyway, so Sharon's was, like, gonna be the Nurse, or whatever, but she swapped with Pam Troy.

ANGELA: Pam Troy?

RAYANNE: You know, the one that broke down and cried in Human Sexuality that time?

ANGELA: Oh right.

RAYANNE: Why did they swap?

RICKIE: Because Sharon can't make it to some classes or something over the next couple of weeks, she's having her tonsils out? (to ANGELA) Is that right? (ANGELA shrugs) Anyway, so Sharon is gonna be Lady Capulet, and she wanted Kyle to be, like, you know, close role or whatever, so we swapped. So, I'm like, now, doing Brian's original role, even though I didn't swap with him. Directly.

RAYANNE: (stares at him) Too much information, Vasquez! So, what are you now?

RICKIE: Uh...(pulls piece of paper from pants) the Priest.

RAYANNE: (cracks up) You, a Priest!

RICKIE: Hey, I can do that! At least I know what I'm talking about.

RAYANNE: I guess that's true.

ANGELA (confused): So, hang on. What did Brian end up with?

RICKIE: I don't know. Whatever was Kyle's original role, I guess.

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