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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 8: God's Twisted Project, is Failing Miserably?!

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Chapter 8: God's Twisted Project, is Failing Miserably?!

written by Susan Katz

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian::: Awkwardly leans in and gives Angela.. a quick peck on the mouth < which is quickly becoming a full fledged kiss> Realizes what he is doing and pulls away::: Oh god! Oh my god...I'm sorry..I'm sorry...
Angela:::in disbelief::: Krakow! How could you?! :::slower and a more gentle tone, almost a whisper: this..I mean there is utterly no way I can ever...
Brian is too stunned to move off of his couch now...he is sitting in total shock, his hand slightly trembling. He is a sickly shade of yellow...and looks sick.
Angela:::notices Brian's "condition":::
Brian:::stuttering::: You can never what...
Angela: This is like too bizarre.
Brian:::stuttering and with a little more devastation: Yo-You can ne-never what?
Angela:::sigh::: I can um forget...
(VO) I can never forget.. that *you* just kissed me..and as much as that idea alone scared me...I'm scared even more wasn't so bad. My entire so-called *life* is like some twisted 'project' God is like working on..and it's failing miserably./ ... this moment (beat) because this means what we had Brian, was a joke. It was only temporary. I mean my entire outlook on life and how I see *you* is different now. This changes everything..and there is no going back.
Brian:::wide-eyed and innocent for a moment::: There isn't? Oh God! You're right there isn't! And...oh's m-my fault.
Angela:::assuring and soothingly: No..there is no turning back. But it isn't your fault like everyone. I's not like things were the same.. we both just kind of ignored the changes. And I don't think that is like the best of options my humble opinion.:::bites lip, followed by a hair tuck::: Brian? What do you think?
Brian::: in a daze,< which seems quite unhealthy Brian himself has turned grey and his lips a faint shade of blue>: I don't know ...Angela..I'm sorry. The like repercussions and consequences of my stupid *pathetic* love letter were...never thought through. And I'm sorry for that..for everything.
Angela:::takes Brian by what is now an icy blue hand..and squeezes it. Hard.::: Brian...please don't be. I want to thank you for like opening my eyes I mean if it wasn't for your letter I would have never realized that as much as Jordan Catalano tried.. he did not write that letter. And by like not admitting it, he sort of well canceled himself out, or something. He like hurt me more...after trying harder and forgetting about some more valid things. I want to thank you Brian for opening my eyes...(VO)..and my heart./ Jordan is not right for me. And I'm not going to lie to you Brian I've missed you a lot. And like I've always thought you'd like always be there..when I needed to :::gulps::: use something, or god talk. I didn't realize I was hurting you..I'm sorry.
Brian: (VO) When Delia Fisher like touched my hand ...I got an erection from like actual *human* touch, and Angela Chase like *rubbed* my hand.. and I didn't, it was strange. She was like trying to soothe my like tortured soul or whatever. But the thought of her even doing that..has like given me an erection. And I'm not sure if all erections are stimulated by like *touch* in THAT way, because right now if I could I would like have taken that like involunatary action back..(if I could). For like these two minutes I saw and loved Angela Chase as only a friend. I'm just like extremely happy I'm wearing sweat pants.
Brian: Angela..I've missed you a lot too. Do you remember when the three of us used to play together? You, Cherski..I mean Sharon, and I were like inseperable then like when we came to junior high I kind of faded away..and became like a memory. I was out of the picture..and that hurt. A lot. Then.. like in eigth grade...I don't know what happened you like became this..this..Angelic :::Angela smiles widely and does her infamous hair tuck::: I don't know..beautiful like person. And suddenly not only did I want you back as a friend..I also :::Brian blushes profusely::: like dreamt of you. Of like your like aura and I wanted you more than ..anything. That was the year my parents started working on their book..they were always gone "researching in the field"..working with patients. And I kept finding myself lonlier and lonlier. I guess that's why I like became a photographer. I could like become part of something..without like having to explain myself. I was taking like a picture..and that explained why I was there. I blended in.. and I didn't. That's why..when Christmas came..and like I know I'm Jewish..well more Athiest..I annoyed you. I was like the neighbor..the "sympathy case" and god I just swallowed that all up. Because I was always alone..and I get so lonely sometimes...:::Brian trails off..after babbling as tears jsut run down his face:::
Brian's entire frame collapses ..all of his tension..the lonliness, the wanting, the need to be loved, is out in the open.
Angela:Oh my god..Brian I'm so sorry. :::She envelopes Brian in a much needed..(since the season began) hug, and without thinking kisses him full on the lips:::

And for once..Brian's entire form is calm, no longer jerky and sparatic like when Angela and Brian argued - clearly a sign of the release of some sexual tension they unknowignly shared.

Brian:::pulls away from Angela::: Angela..I...I...l-love you. Please forgive me for that.
Angela:::whispers::: Shhhhhh......

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