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Chapter 10: Truth will Out

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Chapter 10: Truth will Out

written by Joie

added on: 31 Oct 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(RICKIE enters the Girl's Room. One stall is occupied)

RICKIE: Rayanne? Is that you?

ANGELA (stall) : No. It's Angela.

RICKIE : Angela! I gotta talk to you! Hang on, I'll wait.

(RICKIE takes some eyeliner out of his bag, and starts reapplying in the mirror. A couple of girls enter, and stare at him.)

ANGELA (exits from stall. Washes hands): Hey.


RICKIE: Are you okay?

ANGELA: Uh...kind of...(chin trembles)...not really.

RICKIE: I saw Brian.

ANGELA: Ugh! I can't stand him. I can't stand to hear that name! (Girls stare, ANGELA whispers)
He is such....he is such a complete jerk!

RICKIE: Uh huh.

ANGELA: Were you talking to him?

RICKIE: Just now.

ANGELA: The way he *was*. Last night. He was God! I can't believe it. Why...why do I live across the road from him....Even when, like, I'm not even in class with him, or whatever. He's like, there. Always at my house. For no reason. It drives me insane!

RICKIE: What happened? You don't have to tell me...

ANGELA: No, I have to tell someone. I'll just, like, explode!...(sees girls lingering. ANGELA and RICKIE stare at girls until they leave) So, like, after you left. Yesterday? I went over there, and he was Brian. Like totally, 'I love you'... and stuff.

AVO: I can't believe I was part of this scene I'm describing. The thought of Brian Krakow declaring his love, or whatever, to me, just makes me feel...sick.

ANGELA: And then...I mean, I had to tell him. I don't love him. I mean, I don't even like him, in that kind of way. I don't even like him, what am I saying? He's a jerk! A self-centred jerk!

RICKIE: So, he said ...I mean, he didn't say that he didn't really mean what was in the letter?


RICKIE: So, he meant what was in the letter. As from, like, himself? Right?

ANGELA: He said that he loved me, and I when I told him I just wanted to be, you know, like, friends or whatever, he totally went immature, and basically, he told me to leave.

RICKIE: Oh, right.

ANGELA: Why...did he, like, say something? Else?

RICKIE: Well, he kinda told me that-

(The door opens)

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