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Chapter 13: You've Got, Like, Two Options

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Chapter 13: You've Got, Like, Two Options

written by Joie

added on: 01 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Previous story also by me. Forgot to add name. :o)

(ANGELA's chin trembles. KYLE looks stricken. SHARON looks concerned)

KYLE: Look, I just gotta. Like. Yeah.

SHARON: Yeah (KYLE exits) Angela, what's the matter? Tell me.

TEACHER: Uh, Sharon, could I just see you for a minute?

SHARON: (looks at ANGELA) Uh, sure.

ANGELA: It's fine.

(ANGELA finds RAYANNE at her locker)

RAYANNE: So what happened?

ANGELA: I talked to Kyle.

RAYANNE: And what did Vinnavich have to say?

ANGELA: He told me, (whispers) he told me that Brian, like, specifically asked him for that part. Like, totally went and made him change. He told him (looks around) that it was for, like, extra credit, if he, like, got a main part.

RAYANNE: Vinnavich is dumber than he looks. As if that's possible. (eats lolly)

ANGELA: I don't believe it! Can you, like, believe it?

RAYANNE: So, what are you gonna do? What shall we do to Brian? I could talk to Tino.

ANGELA: No, I just. Like. I don't wanna make, this, like, a big thing. It's him. He just drives me mad! Why won't he just, like, leave me alone?

RAYANNE: I mean. You've got like, two choices, either

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