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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 15: Drive back.

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Chapter 15: Drive back.

written by Meghan

added on: 23 Aug 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

*They're still kissing*
Angela:Its getting late, maybe we should go
Jordan:Yeah..And like,i have stuff to do..
Angela:Well,can you drop me off at Rayanne's?
*Both get into the car*
*A long silence*
Jordan:So uhh..Wanna do this again sometime..?
Angela:Well deffinatly.
Angela:Stop the car ..
Angela:Just do it!
*Stops car*
*Angela looks into Jordan's eyes,and slowly kisses his lips*
Jordan:Wow...what was that for?
Angela:because I love you..

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