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Chapter 6: Realizations

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Chapter 6: Realizations

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela runs out the house, down the stairs and over to Brians' porch. They don't see her untill she is on almost up the stairs. They turn around and wait for her to say something. She does the same.

Brian: "Um,so we are like, having a conversation"
Angela: "yeah I noticed"
Brian: (annoyed) "So could you please leave"
Angela (trying to stop the conversation) "Well..Um...I need to talk to Jordon, and I sorta need to do it, like, Now"
Brain: "You can't just come over here and think your worth his time like that."
Angela grabes Jordon's hand and pulls him down the stairs and into the street next to his car.
Jordon: "What? I thought you didn't like, want to talk to me anymore or something"
Abgela:(getting angry)"So when do I get an explination about that stupid letter? I mean, you and brian are all of a sudden best friends and now I have no one? How could you make me think you cared about me so much when it was all lies?"
Brian watches from the porch, seeming to get really angry
Jordon: "It's not like that, I mean, like, I can't explain it right now"
Angela: "Oh I see, you need Brian to help you express how you feel? That is so pathtic when you have to get a guy like him to tell you what you feel!!"
Brian very angry runs to them
Brian: "What do you mean a guy like me huh?"
They all stand there.
Brian: (more insistant this time) "what do you mean a guy like me?!"
Angela: (feeling bad, and not wanting to deal with it) " Brian, don't. Not now ok?"
Brian:"No angela, now. I mean you stand here and yell at Jordon for not being the man of your dreams, but you don't even understand anything. So what if he didn't right that letter, you told me yourself it made you happy. So what if I wrote the letter, so what if the only way I could tell you how I felt was though someone else. And all you can think about is how, like, betrayed you are because it didn't come from the person you thought it should have. You don't know anything, you have no regard for anyone but yourself and those in your perfict little world!"
Angela almost in tears, jordon feeling out of place
Angela:(VO) "Sometimes people have a really odd way of telling you they love you, and depending on how they do it, it makes you hate them more."

Angela looks at Brian then looks at Jordon, slowly turns around and walks away with her head down. She looks at her house, and then keeps walking down the street. Jordon looks at brian still angry.

Jordon: "yeah, nice. And you think I was mean to her. You're like, the one who doesn't know how to treat people you, or whatever"

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