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Chapter 10: Tears

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Chapter 10: Tears

written by Michy

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

*Jordan spots Angela briskly walking through the steady flow of teenagers. He runs after her.*
*Angela doesn't look to him.*
Angela-Get away from me, Jordan.
Jordan-Angela PLEASE!
Angela-Jordan, I SAID-
*Jordan grabs her arm and spins her around to him. She relaxes a little, then pulls away.*
Angela-Uch! Is that how you deal with everything? Making out?!
*Jordan looks hurt*
Jordan-Well, I-
Angela-Forget it, Jordan. No more, okay? No more.
*Angela turns and walks away, angrily. Jordan stares after her and we see tears sparkling in his eyes. We realize he truly does car for her.*
Rayanne-Angel food! Wait up!
*Rayanne runs up to Angela. Angel forces a smile.*
Angela-Hey, Rayanne.
Rayanne-Ya know, I was just thinking, call me Raynie.
*Angela furrows her brow, still smiling.*
Rayanne-Yeah. Come on. We gotta find Rick-
*Rayanne trails off as she sees Jordan behind them, still standing there, tears slowly running down his cheeks. Rayanne looks giddy.*
Rayanne-Angela. OHMIGOD, ANGELA LOOK! *Quitely* Jordan's crying.
*Rayanne smiles slyly at Angela.*
Rayanne-What did you do to him, Angel food?
*Angela looks back.*
Angela-Oh my God...

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