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Chapter 11: Jordan's Tears Mean Love!

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Chapter 11: Jordan's Tears Mean Love!

written by Angela

added on: 02 May 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela rushes down the hallway, nearly knocking into a random guy in her path. She keeps her eyes on Jordan as she makes a mad dash for him. She runs until she reaches Jordan and envelopes him in a gigantic hug. He returns her hug, despite the hallway crowd's watching eyes.
Angela: "Jordan, are you, like, o.k.?"
Jordan looks ashamed at his tears, but also relived that she's speaking to him. Angela grabs his hand and leads him into the boiler room so they can talk privately.
Jordan: "Angela, I've never done this before."
Angela: "What? Cried? It's o.k....Really. I understand. Do I have that affect on you?" VO: Please let him say yes.
Jordan: "Only you... I mean it, Angela, no one else makes me feel... can upset me... I-- You're the first girl I've ever um, like needed or whatever."
Angela hugs Jordan warmly.
Angela: "I'm sorry I hurt you."
Jordan: "But I hurt you too... With the letter..and Rayanne... I never meant to- I'd never- hurt you on purpose. It's just, somethings you expect of me, or deserve... you don't know how much I want to have words that would make you see how much I love you..I just can't find them, no matter what I do..Everything just gets so messed up."
Angela: VO: Did he just say he loved me?!? "I--I know... Did you say you love me?"
Angela dried his eyes with her kiss, and gazed adoringly at Jordan.
Jordan: "Yes, I do...I need, l-love you, Angela. And even if you never forgive me, I still care."
Angela: "I do! Oh, Jordan, I forgive you. I love you, too!!!"
Yet another passionate Angela/Jordan kiss is exchanged.
Angela: "I'm so happy that we're communicating like this. Thank you for telling me how you feel and stuff..I know it's hard."
Jordan: "No--The hard part is being without you..."
Angela: VO: But during this perfect moment, there was still something I just had to ask, for, like, my own personal sanity as a human being. "Jordan?"
Jordan: "Yeah?"
Angela: "About 'Red,' was that song written about me?"
Jordan: "You knew?"
Angela: "Well, Rickie told me that you said you wrote it about your car, but I always hoped..."
Jordan: "You mean, you wanted it to be about you?"
Angela: VO: More than anything. "Well, was it?"
Jordan: "O.K. Here goes. Angela, it hurts to be this honest, but yeah... I wrote 'Red' about you..One night I was lonely and--"
Angela cuts him off with a kiss.
Jordan: "and I was thinking of you and-"
Jordan kisses her again.
Angela pulls away for a second.
Angela: "But why'd you tell Rickie--"
Jordan: "I wanted it to be our secret something that you and I only shared..."
Angela: "That's so sweet...I hoped you'd say that. I humm 'Red' every night before I go to sleep, and it's still my mind first thing in the morning."
Jordan is obviously pleased, but still unsure.
Jordan: "You really liked it?"
Angela responds with a kiss. She breaks away minutes later.
Angela: Can I ask you something?"
Jordan: "O.K....Is it emotional or whatever?"

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