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Chapter 9: Realizations

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Chapter 9: Realizations

written by Michy

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

*Angela steps in the school, biting in the inside of her mouth. She looks around for Brian, then spots him leaning against his locker.*
*Brian looks to her, his arms crossed over his chest, then he rolls his eyes and looks away. Angela walks up to him, lightly touching his arm, obviously not realizing she is doing so.*
Angela-Brian, I need to talk to you.
*Brian finally looks to her, annoyed.*
Brian-About WHAT, Angela. I saw you last night with Jordan.
*Angela looks shocked, then sighs.*
Angela-(Gently)Were you there through the entire thing?
*Brian furrows his brow, confused.*
Brian-What do you mean?
*Angela sighs again.*
Angela-Just answer me, Krakow.
*Brian looks uncomfortable, not knowing what Angela is getting at.*
Brian-Yeah, why?
*Angela suddenly becomes angry.*
Angela-Then you have absolutely NO RIGHT to be angry with me. NO RIGHT.
*She turns and walks off, not looking back. As she is swallowed by the crowd, she stops and tears come to her eyes.*
AngelaVO-I don't know why I got so angry at Brian. I guess I wasn't mad at him.
*Angela looks back, catching a glimpse of Brian.*
AngelaVO-I was mad at myself. For not understanding my best friend. EX best friend. *pause* God, I'm pathetic.
*She wipes her eyes and keeps walking.*

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    Chapter 10: Tears by Michy (10 Nov 1999)
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