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Chapter 10: Beginnings

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Chapter 10: Beginnings

written by Gayle

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: I am sorry, Brian, that I don't feel the same as you do. I just wish that this all could've happened without anybody getting hurt. I wish you could like, be happy for me.
Brian: You are so self-absorbed,it's like, sick!
Angela: I'm self-absorbed! Please, you're the one moping around like a puppy dog all the time because you're so caught up in what you want.
Brian: I am not self-absorbed!
Angela: Oh, you're not, well what would you call what you did to Delia? She liked you Brian. You had to throw all of that away,because you were hoping that something could happen between us. Look, Brian, we, like, grew up together. I have changed, and you're, like, still the same.
Brian: Right, I am still the same old Brian, "the brain". I could never possibly be cool enough to be seen with the likes of you, right?
Angela: It's not about being "cool", Brian. It's about the fact that, there's like,nothing wrong with who you are. It's like, comforting, you know that, you are still the same. I'm the one that changed.
Brian: Well, personally, I like, liked the old Angela Chase.
Angela: I know, Brian, but she's gone. And after all of this stuff, no matter what happens, between Jordan and I, she's not coming back, and I won't come running to you because I am alone. I wouldn't do that.
Brian: Good! I hope you don't.
Angela: I know I won't, Brian, because I consider you my friend, and I wouldn't do that. We're still friends, right?
Brian:(long pause)...Yeah,'s gonna be hard to, like, let go of this.
Angela: I's O.K.
(They hug. Brian gets on his bike and heads home)

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