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Chapter 9: The Truth

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Chapter 9: The Truth

written by anita

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela and jordan ae sitting in his car in front of he house. As she gets out....
Jordan: Angela, i meant what i said, or something, in the coffe shop, dont think im just, like, saying that to get you to sleep with me, or something.
Angela: No, i know, ill see you later.
Jordan:yeah, bye.
Jordan drives off, leaving Angela standing outside of her house, staring across the street at brians place.
Angela(voice over):Sometimes, when you know you have to do something,its,like,hard, because saying something to someone that you know is going to hurt them, is, like, the worst feeling in the world.
Brian comes outside, he and angela walk towards each other.
Brian: Hey angela.
Angela:Hi Brian, listen I.....
Brian:I know what your going to say, and i totally respect it, but dont expect me to be happy for you, or whatever, cause i won't bem cause i just...
Angela: You just what? Brian, how can you ust stand there and pretend to me that you dont care at all?
Brian:I'm pretending? your the one pretending that you are all, like, concerned about me, thats just so selfish!
they both stand there, not knowing what else to say to each other..

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