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Chapter 13: Friends Again At Long Last

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Chapter 13: Friends Again At Long Last

written by Lexy

added on: 28 Dec 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela standing outside Rayanne's apt.
Knocks on door, Rayanne answers, starts to close the door when she sees Angela.

Angela: Rayanne, wait... I can't stand us not talking or hanging out.
Rayanne: What took ya so long, Angelfood?
*The two hug as though they hadn't seen each other in years*
Angela:Uh....listen, we need to talk.
Rayanne: Oh, God. Here it comes. The big *ultimatum*. Do we have to talk about this *here*?
Angela:Fine! Where would *you* suggest that we *talk* about this?
Rayanne: Eh..*my* room?
Angela: *Fine*!
Cut to Rayanne's room
Angela pulls a folder out of her bag
Rayanne:What is *that*?
Angela: Well, one is a contract that you *will not* drink anymore, and the other is that you will *NEVER* sleep with any guy that I am involved with or was involved in at any point.
Rayanne: Remind me again why I'm signing these things?
Angela: *Because* we both know that we can't stand *not* having each other in our lives.
Rayanne: Oh, right. (signs papers)Here.
Angela: Thank *you*.
Rayanne: Now, you are gonna spill every detail about everything that has gone on between you and Catalano since we quit talking to each other........

Fade out

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