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Chapter 12: Angela finally decides to Forgive Rayanne

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Chapter 12: Angela finally decides to Forgive Rayanne

written by jessica Robertson

added on: 14 Dec 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela VO: I have to stop by and see Brain, after school.

Angela stops by and rings the door bell... Brian answered it. "Angela!" "What are you doing here?"

Angela: "Can I come in, she asked shyly.

Brain: Um... yeah

Angela: About the letter...

Brain: What about it... as he turns and looks away.

Angela starts to cry very hard.

Brain: Don't cry, Angela. He looks at her tenderly.

Angela: Brian I was really touched by the letter, it meant more to me, than more can say, but I think it would be better for you to be with Delhi, I mean your such a great friend and I vow to spent more time with you but I don't think we can we more than friends, I'm really sorry for taking you for granted and like assuming you didn't care about people. You were just too afraid that they wouldn't like you back.

Brain goes over to console her, and looks at her nervously.

Brain: "Angela, can you do one thing for me.?"

Angela: "What, Brain?"

Brain: "Can you kiss me and tell me it doesn't mean anything?

Angela: Ok...

Angela and Brain kiss passionately but they both realize the feelings beyond a friendship are not there.

Brain: Thank you, Angela, at least I know that like I care about you, but I was too obessed with you.

Angela: Brain are you sure your really okay with this?

Brian: Yeah, he smiles, I got want I always wanted.

Angela: Which was?

Brian: To know that you do care about me and are willing from now on to be a better friend to me, and the most passionate kisses I will never forget.

Angela: Thanks, Brain. That means a lot.

Brain: Just promise me we will keep this between us.

Angela: I will, I promise.

Angela: VO I'm like happy to say I do keep my promise to him. It was a special moment between us that I'll like never forget in my whole life.

Angela: Brain, promise me you will talk to Delhi so you can be at peace with this. Don't be afraid of her reaction.

Brain: Ok, I'll talk to her, he smiles as he says it.

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