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Chapter 15: Danielle's Room

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Chapter 15: Danielle's Room

written by anonymous author

added on: 13 Jul 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela hears voices from inside Danielle's room. She appears in the doorway slightly horrified.

JORDAN: (To Danielle)...yeah, so like...the term is "rudimentary reader with low literacy skills."

DANIELLE: Isn't that just a fancy way of saying you can't read?


DANIELLE: What? What did I do? This IS my room afterall, honestly!

ANGELA: (To Jordan)Why are you in here...talking to my little sister?

JORDAN: (Sheepish) I guess I took a wrong turn.

DANIELLE: Mom would be so mad if she knew you had boys over this late.

ANGELA: Well, she's not gonna know, now is she?

Danielle gives Angela a "we'll see" look.
Jordan clears his throat, uncomfortably.

DANIELLE: Actually, Jordan and I were having quite a nice conversation before you interrupted. You really should knock, you know.

ANGELA: Danielle! Geez! Can you like, stop? For like two minutes? So I can think?

JORDAN: (Helpfully) I could...climb out the know, so that your parents wouldn't see me.

ANGELA: I don't know. You could like, get hurt.

JORDAN: (Slight smile) Or...I could like, stay in your room--

ANGELA: (laughs) Jordan!

JORDAN: No, not like that. (Smiles) Just until...they're alseep. And then, you know--

DANIELLE: You leave!

JORDAN: Huh? Oh...right. (Mischeiviously to Angela) I leave.

ANGELA: (repeating mostly to herself.) You leave.

ANGELA VO: But what if I don't want you to leave?

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