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Chapter 14: 3 doors

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Chapter 14: 3 doors

written by anonymous author

added on: 02 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela and Jordan are in the middle of one of their countless make out marathons.....

Angela: Jordan

He doesn't stop he just continues to kiss and move his hands everywhere

Angela: (a little louder) Jordan

Angela: JORDAN!

Jordan: What? What's wrong?

Angela: It's my parents they are coming....Get off of me,now. Quick go up to my room and stay there...

Jordan runs up the stairs into a room

Patty: (annoyed and tired) So I had a wonderful time with Hallie nothing like the little pop tart

Graham: (sarcastically) Well I'm glad because we are scheduled to do it again next week...

Paty: Lovely

Patty reads the note that Angela left for her...

Patty: Well it seems that Angela and Brian are on a date. Too bad because I was starting to like Jordan such a nice boy...

Graham looks in disbelief

Graham: Angela and Brian together? What a horrible idea..

Patty: Graham!

Graham: It's nothing against Brian I just think Angela and any guy is a horrible idea..

Angela comes out of the bathroom in her pj's

Patty: Angela I thought you were with Brian?

Angela: I uh yea I was but plans change anyway I'm really tired and I think I will go to bed..

Patty: Sounds like a good idea.. goodnight honey ( kisses Angela's forehead)

Graham: Goodnight sweetheart

All the Chase's go upstairs to bed Angela goes to her room and expects to find Jordan, but he is not in her room

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