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Chapter 9: Revelation...

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Chapter 9: Revelation...

written by anonymous author

added on: 01 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela and Brian are outside while Brian backs out of his driveway he is blocked by another car.....

Brain: What now?

Angela turns to see who it is...can't really see who it is...and realizes it's Jordan. She gets out of the car leaving Brian to watch what happens.

Jordan: Hey

Angela: Hi

Jordan: So are you and Brain like together?

Angela doesn't respond she just looks away from Jordan.

Jordan: Just forget it, I just came by to like see you.

Angela: Why?

Jordan: I don't know, I like needed to see you I needed to tell you something.

Angela: Tell me now

Swithces to Brian....

BrainVO: This is just wonderful, my moment and possible a great night with Angela are ruined.. Why does this always happen to me. When Angela and I are like going somewhere. He has to show up. Why does he have this power over her? Oh please you're Brian Krakow, friend and neighbor nothing more and he's Jordan Catalano...and I'm not

To Angela......
Jordan: Get in the car.....

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