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Chapter 12: Everybody Hurts

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Chapter 12: Everybody Hurts

written by Joie

added on: 29 Dec 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(JORDAN continues to stare ahead, trying to think of what to say. ANGELA just looks at him, waiting with quiet determination.)

JORDAN: Just... don't freak out, when I tell you.

ANGELA: Alright, I won't.


JORDAN: See, Tino and I... well, Tino had this thing going... and then he ended up owing this guy, like... serious money. And he needed it, like... fast. So... we had to do this gas station tonight-

ANGELA: You robbed a gas station!?!

JORDAN: I thought you weren't gonna freak out?

ANGELA: Yeah, before I realised that-- okay, forget it. So, what happened? Oh my God, you didn't kill someone--

JORDAN: No! What do you take me for?

ANGELA: I don't know. What happened?

JORDAN: So, we do the place, and no one gets hurt--

ANGELA: Did you have guns?

JORDAN: (shakes head) I didn't have a gun.

ANGELA: (quiet) Did Tino?


JORDAN: Yeah. Him, and that guy, your friend Rickie's cousin? They got this thing going at school.

ANGELA: Oh God...

JORDAN: But there were like, these cameras, you know... so, Tino and I are like, leaving tonight.

(A wave of apprehension, fear flashes over ANGELA's face.)

ANGELA: Leaving, what do you mean? Where are you going?

JORDAN: Not sure exactly. Just like... far from here.

ANGELA: Well... what about school, what about your family, what about... everything?

JORDAN: Yeah. I won't be doing any of those things in jail either.

ANGELA: Jail... but, but you won't go to *jail*...

JORDAN: I've got a record. I'll probably go to jail...

ANGELA: Oh my God...

JORDAN: I gotta go.

(JORDAN leans over and kisses ANGELA.)

ANGELA: I don't want you too!

JORDAN: Don't... tell anyone, okay?

ANGELA: Uh-huh.


ANGELA: Bye. Write to me, or something, okay? So I know you're okay?


(ANGELA gets out of the car. JORDAN drives off.)

BRIAN: What was that all about?

ANGELA: (dazed, shakes head) Nothing. (BRIAN looks at her closely) Brian, what? Nothing. He's going away for a few days, he wanted to say bye.

BRIAN: Where's he going?

(ANGELA struggles, then remembers the song playing in JORDAN's car once.)

ANGELA: South Carolina.

BRIAN: South Carolina? For a few days?


(ANGELA starts to wander back to her house. BRIAN follows her.)

BRIAN: So, are we still going out or what?



BRIAN: Angela...

ANGELA: I gotta go.

BRIAN: Okay.

(ANGELA goes inside. BRIAN watches her, disappointed, then goes into his own house.)


(ANGELA opens the door. It's dark. She turns on the bedside lamp, lies on her bed, and cries her eyes out.)


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