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Chapter 11: Afterglow

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Chapter 11: Afterglow

written by Joie

added on: 20 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(JORDAN stares ahead for a little while. ANGELA, staring at her hands, waiting, realises, and looks up, trying to see if he's staring at something.)

JORDAN: See, it's like... (beat) things... with us? Just went wrong, somehow. Even before... And, I wanted it, to be good, but it turns out, that... we *can't* be together.

ANGELA: Well, at the moment, we're sort of *not* together anyway, so...

JORDAN: (sigh) Yeah, I know, but even if we were... we can't.


ANGELA: Are you okay, I mean... is something wrong?

JORDAN: Kinda.

(Long beat. ANGELA sees that BRIAN has gotten out of the car, is wandering around on her verandah. The street lights have come on. The night glows somehow. It is quiet.)

ANGELA (VO): It's strange, how sometimes people really understate things. Like when people have pneumonia, and they say it's just a little cough. (Beat) And I could see, this sadness in his face, and there was this catch, in his throat... and I knew, that I couldn't let him down. 'Cause you don't do that to friends.

ANGELA: (quiet) So, what's up?

(JORDAN shifts, then looks at ANGELA and says:

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    Chapter 12: Everybody Hurts by Joie (29 Dec 2001)
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