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Chapter 14: Decisions, Deseption and Despair

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Chapter 14: Decisions, Deseption and Despair

written by Ann-Marie

added on: 11 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Jordan stares at them with a blank look on his face)

Angela: "Jordan!'s not what it looks like, uh, we were just...rehersing"

Jordan: "Save it Angela. I was standing here the whole time. I heard everything that Brian said to you. He like, said he loves you"

Angela: "Look, Jordan it's not how it seems. Brian just..."

(Brian is nervously standing there, praying to God that Jordan dosnt attack him again)

Jordan: "Angela, this is it. I've had it with this like, game we keep playing. I keep hurting you and you keep hurting me. And I just need to know something, and tell me the truth. Do you love Brian or me?"

AVO: I love you! I love Jordan! so why cant't I just tell him that. It's like, something inside of me is stoping me from telling him or something"

Angela: "I...I love...I mean. I don't know, Jordan. I wish I did, I really wish I did. I mean, it would be so simple for me to just blurt out that I love you. But I can't do that because, well, i don't know. I guess I like, wouldn't be being completley honest"

Jordan: " So it's Brian that you love?"

(Both Angela and Jordan are almost in tears)

Angela: "NO. i don't know Jordan. I mean, you say you love me, and it's great to hear that from you .But when I read that letter, I really felt something. It made me feel...really good and happy. And you can say you love me a million times, but it will never make me feel as loved as that letter did. And when I found out that it wasn't you who wrote it, well at first I was like, really mad. I felt like you were lying to me or something. But then I relized that Brian wrote the letter. And then I started to get these feelings for him that I never had before, and all of a sudden, I started seeing Brian Krakow in a different way. I mean, to know he loves me like just..i don't know.."

Brian voice over: Did she really just say that?? Am I dreaming? Did Angela Chase really just say that she...has feelings for me?!

Jordan: "But Angela, even though I didnt write that letter dosnt mean I don't feel like that for you!!!!!!"(to Brian)" Look what you did! You ruined a perfectly good relationship! If you would have just kept your mouth shut..."

Brian: " Hey, don't even try to put this on me.."

Angela: "Jordan do NOT yell at him! How can you even think that this is Brian's fault!?!? And what are you talking about with that 'perfect relationship' crap!? If you think that our relationship thing is perfect then you are like, crazy!

Jordan: "Oh I'm crazy!??? Fine you know what I'm leaving. Why don't you just stay here and defend Brian some more"

(Jordan grabs his car keys, glances at Brian, and storms out of the building)

(Brian and Angela are left standing there. There is an awkward silence between them for a few seconds, but what seemed to be an eternity)

Brian: " Look...Angela i'm sorry I like, ruined things with you and Jordan or whatever. I just.."

Angela: "Brian, don't be sorry. You didnt do anything except tell me how you really feel."

Brian: "So you know how you like, said that letter made you feel um, good or whatever. Did you really mean that?"

Angela: " yeah...I really did. When I like made me feel special. Like, to know that someone loves me that much, it's just amazing"

Brian: " But you wish it were Jordan that wrote it"

Angela: " I never said that. I'm actually kind of glad it was you. I don't know why I never noticed that you like me, let alone love me. And I'm sorry for everything I've done to you. Like, the way I've treated you in the past"

Brian: "You don't have to be sorry for anything. So like, remember that time you borrowed my book. well I mean it's no big deal or anything but um, i was just wondering when you were gonna like...return it...or whatever"

Angela: "Shut up". (she says in a joking kind of way as she smiles. She moves closer to him and they kiss again)

AVO: It's weird, how you think you have somebody figured out, and then you see a different side of them that you've never seen before.

Angela: "Come on Krakow, walk me home"

(Brian smiles and the two hold hands and start walking home)

In the street near Angela's House:
Angela "So, do you like, wanna come in"

Brian: "Yeah, that would um, that would be great"

(Just as soon as the two are about to go inside, Jordan drives down the street.)

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