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Chapter 7: brian where for art thou brian

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Chapter 7: brian where for art thou brian

written by Charlotte Draycott

added on: 06 Jul 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Katimsky:no angela just stay with ure part i'd like to atleast try and avoid what ever may come about like last time!
Angela:but mr katimsky......
Katimsky:I said no!(bell rings)ok people we'll start over tomorrow i'll see u all in rehersal 2morrow.
(angela stays in her seat as evry one leaves katimsky doesnt notice her)
Angela vo:I was looking at him so hard,like i wanted to burn through his back so there would be a permenant scar of what he was about to put me through.I didn't have anything to say to him I just wanted to stare.(gets up and leaves)
HALLWAY like who did you switch parts with?
angela:no one i'm still julliet.
jorden:but ure like going to............right?(sees angela looking at him with a dazzeled look) cos like u know brain and you you you know it wold be so wierd i mean what about the love scence i mean ure not ........i mean you won't..........
angela:(very angry) What jorden?
jorden:look just forget it..............
angela: no you know I-I would really like to know.what? that i'm not going to kiss him or what? you know you have no right to tell me how close I can be to BRIAN ok I've known him like forever so you know just........ just.... god... just ..............just stop being....being you (she storms off leaving jorden close to tears)
REHERSAL next day
(angela and brian are the only ones there and angela walks in to see brian rehersing his lines brian sees angela and stops to look really embarrased)
Brian: angela hi......I mean hey so i was just u know.......I mean going over um see what the lines were like cos u know i do think its all so stupid and um well i thought if i knew them now then um well........
angela:look brian!.......its ok really just...nothing ok maybe seeing as i'm like here we should maybe um practice.
(theres a small pause brian can hardly believe that she was ok with it a small shy smile crosses his face).
Angela vo.I could hardly believe what i was doing i had like dreamed of the day jorden catalano would even make what could have been the most pathetic conversation with me.......and now i was like in a relationship and it seemed that i was doing everything in my power to hate him and run futher from him.......but like at that second the look on brians face forced me toward him.
Angela:ok so maybe we should like start
brian:yeah ok (he gets into the mood)
angela:deny thy father and refuse thy name for I shall no longer be a capulet
Brian:(nervous) ok then they um kiss and blah blah oh heres the next part....
Angela:well don't u think that maybe we should um like reherse that bit.........I mean cos u know we'll have to do it some time and like well maybe now seeing as .......
Brian:(surprised) oh um yeh ok so um well ok
(they go to kiss and jorden has just entered)

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