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Chapter 13: The big Confessional

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Chapter 13: The big Confessional

written by Britany

added on: 26 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: Jordan...why does it even matter?! I..I have to go
She walks out the door fast, almost speed walking.
AVO: Why do things have to be like this? I mean I want to tell Jordan that the kiss meant nothing but something inside me tells me that he doesnt need to know or something. That I should leave him hanging.
Jordan: Angela! Please wait.
She stops in her steps and turns slowly.
Jordan: I dont have to know or whatever ok? I just...I...I dont want to lose you again. It seems like everytime I try to get closer to you something happens to tear us farther apart.
AVO: Wow. Now he finds his words. Surprise surprise. Wait. Why do I sound so cruel? He is just being sincere and...I dont know why Im still standing here speechless...what am I doing?!
Jordan: Well I guess its true that I cant exactly be forgiven or whatever. But dont like tell me that I dont care or get mad at me for how much I care. Because..
Angela stops him and kisses him intensesly. But he pushes her away.
Jordan: Maybe...I dont know like...your right or something
Angela: What?! Jordan...Ive decided ok? I pick you.
Jordan: Then why is it that whenever we like talk about Krakow you act like you have to hide or whatever. Like you have something your not telling me?
AVO: oh. my. god. Why do I do that? Angela: I dont know. Im sorry but I...ok. the meant nothing. But I mean I kinda like...
Jordan: ANGELA!!! Just like tell me or whatever instead of stalling because it like gives you time to lie!
Angela: OK!!! Geez. The kiss lasted like a millo-second so I didnt know. Yes I felt as if I kissed his to smite you. Thats probably why it meant nothing. I was doing it because I was mad at you.
Jordan is speechless and just stares at Angela intensely. Showing her he doesnt know what to say. He's apologized so much that it seems to just not matter anymore.
Angela: Jordan...
he says what in a low quite voice.
Angela: I dont know why I continue to like bring this up.
JVO: me neither. I cant like stand this anymore. Its so...stupid.
Jordan: I understand that I...I just...
He turns and leaves leaving Angela feeling really bad.
AVO: Why do I do this to him? Is there like something wrong with me? I cant seem to just like forgive him with havent to get revenge or something.'s like I continue to hurt him because of how he hurt me in the past or whatever. But he doesnt deserve it...he doesnt need it.
Brian comes back in.
Brian: Angela...look...I love you more than like Jordan could ever love you. I wrote you that letter because I like cant live without I guess you or whatever. I dont understand why you'd rather stay with someone who continually lies to you.
Angela: Brian just shut up ok. I dont have time for this.
Brian: DONT HAVE TIME!!! Oh my god. I cant believe you! You like think that my confession isnt like worth a second of you worthless life?! You are so selfish Angela!! You havent thought about me at all have you?! Has it completely slipped your mind that Im the one who wrote you the letter and told you that like I loved you and would do anything for you?!
Jordan was coming back to get something and hears Brian yelling at Angela
Brian: Angela I swear it's like all you think about is Jordan and how much he hurt you and how much you love him or whatever.
Angela: Brian...
Brian: NO NO!!! Im talking now Angela. You dont realize this is not all about you! Dont you see that you are like killing me. I try everything to make you notice me and maybe just for once like me or something. But no no. Jordan is always in the way. It's come to the point where I dont think I can even like look at him without wanting to kill him because he seems to like control you.
Angela: Brian please just shut up!!! I cant help that I like Jordan. Ive told you this before!
Brian: Well can you help the fact that you like just practically begged me to kiss you?! Then you act like I dont even matter or something. I mean really what is that?!
Angela: Brian...I like Jordan. I love him! I dont know how many times I have to tell you this. Im just confused whether I can forgive him. I dont wanna be with him if that means that Im continually hurt him the way Ive been doing. I mean know that I can forgive him. I...I just need time.
Brian: whatever... (there's a long pause) are we gonna do about the play? I mean the love scenes or whatever. I mean are you like...I mean...ummm like...Will you just consider being with me while we're like doin the play or whatever? ya know just to like see if like...ya know...we'd be good together...or whatever

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