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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 14: Oh No You Didn't!

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Chapter 14: Oh No You Didn't!

written by Huie

added on: 21 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela and Jordan are still kissing each other passionatly as though they haven't seen each other for years.

Out of nowhere-

Girl voice- What the hell are you doing, Jordan?

Angela breaks the kiss and stares at the girl, while Jordan(Not hearing the girl) makes his way down Angela's face to her neck. He moves her shirt off of her shoulder and begins to kiss it gentle.

Girl- Hello, Jordan? You remember me? Holly?

Jordan continues to kiss Angela. He takes her hand and begins to kiss up to her bare elbow.

Angela- (sweetly) Jordan, you have a visiter.

Jordan still ignores them. He begins to kiss Angela's ear, getting really into it.

Angela- (Smiling- enjoying it) Ha... emm... wait stop Jordan. (He still isn't listening. Finally Angela whaks him in the head) JORDAN!

Jordan- (Whispering) What? You don't like that? (he rubs his cheek against Angela's, while blowing in her ear.

Angela- (Playfully) Oh scratchy!- No I did like that (He begins to kiss her neck again) But, Jordan, (pushes him off her)

Jordan- Jezz, what?

Angela just points over Jordan's shoulder.

He turns around to find Holly. She is obviously a senior. She is tall, really blonde, and really skinny. She looks as though she could be a model. Her features are perfect- little nose, full lips, big eyes, high cheek bones, the works. Angela now actually sees how beautiful Holly is, and feels somewhat self-contious.

Jordan- What are you doing here?

Holly- I go here too. Let *me* ask *you* the questions? Who the hell is she?

Angela doea a hair tuck... embarassed, she has never been "the other woman".

Holly- That's it, you just move on to the next tramp who will un-zip her pants for you

Angela's eyes well up, obviously stung by the comment.

Jordan- Hey, this is me, leave Angela out of this.

Holly- Oh good, at least you actually know the little girls name.

Angela leans against the wall and falls to the floor. She tries to cover her face.

Jordan- I said(Taking a step closer to Holly) leave Angela out of it. (Lowering voice)Watch yourself Holly, I know things about you that you probably don't *want* known.

Holly- Just tell me who *it* (refering to Angela) is to you? Another one nightstand?

Jordan- (Trying to control his anger) I am in love with *it* as you would say. (He turns to Angela). I love her. She is the *only* person I will ever love.(Pulls Angela up and hugs her tightly and whispers in Angela's ear) I love you. (stops) so much. It hurts,-

Angela-Vo- To look at you.

Jordan- to be apart from you. To know I can't have you. To know I hert you. To... (pause) to look at you... because you are just so beautiful, and, and so pure, that it hurts. (pauses) You make me want to be better. I can't tell you *how* much I love you.

Holly- Using a new tecnique, Catalano? Tell her you love her, so she gives it up? (looks angela up and down) I don't think she needs much covinsing. She probabley do it right here.

Angela- (turns to Holly) You know, your right, I would... so could you like leave? You are *kinda* ruining the moment.

Holly- Whatever slut!

Jordan- To be a slut she would have to sleep around. And, she doesn't. That's you job.

Holly- So your telling me that you guys have been together, and you didn't have sex with her?

Angela- See that's the diffrence between me and you. You will do it anywhere and everywhere, with anyone, and I won't until I'm ready. I have standerds, and you, well, don't.

Jordan- (to Angela) That was bitchy, and beautiful. (He smiles down at her.)

Angela- (Unconvincingly) See?, I'm *not* that pure?

Jordan- Shut up, yes you are.

They laugh, and meet in another passionate kiss.

Angela- (Breaks the kiss) Just in case i forgot to tell you... I love you too.

Jordan looks at her, then grins ear to ear. He pulls her in, with more passion then ever before. Angela's weaken. Jordan has to hold her up. He leans her agaisnt the wall, still holding her up. They break away for air. Angela finally totally gives in to her knees, and falls to the floor again. Jordan sits with her.

Jordan- I can't ever go back, Angela.

Angela- To where?

Jordan- To where I had a diffrent Holly every week, (Angela stares at Holly, she then flps her hair and leaves)where I would get drunk every night, a diffrent party everyday. I can't go back to where my life was before having you. I can't Angela, I can't-

Angela- (Interrupting) You don't have to worry, you have me.


Jordan- Angela, can you just tell me something?

Angela- Anything.

Jordan- Why me?

Angela- What do you mean?

Jordan- (looks straight ahead) Why do you want me? I'm a 17 year old Sophomore. I can't read or write well. I'm bad with words all together. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with my lfe. i treat you badly. I'm bad at-

Angela- I don't see you like that, Jordan. That isn't you, at all. You are a great person, and I love you so much. You make me so happy, you have no idea. Just hearing you say my name, or when you just look at me (He looks at her. This makes her look away), when you look at me, I feel special. I feel like you look into me, rather than at me. And, and you have *really* soft hair- which kind of makes me jealus- and you have this *amazing* voice that just makes me want to do you, like repeatedly. (she puts her head in her heads)


Jordan- So when I sing, it makes you want to (laughs) do me?
Like over and over again.

Angela- (In her hands) I can't beleive I told you that!

Jordan- I will have to remember that.

Silence. Jordan makes his way to angela's ear. He begins singing:

I love you,
You love me,
We're a happy family,-

Angela- Not what I what I had in mind.

Jordan- It isn't working?

Angela- Oh shut up and kiss me already.

Jordan tackles her and starts mauling her with kisses.

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