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Chapter 12: Recovering from rumor

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Chapter 12: Recovering from rumor

written by Amber

added on: 22 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(In the hallway)
Rayanne:(looking at angela) Are you sure that you are ok?
Angela: Yeah, I'm fine
(Brian approaches them)
Brian: Hi
Angela: Hi
Rayanne:(to Brian) Can't you we're taliking Krakow.
Brian: Sorry
Angela: Well bye
AngVO: After hearing what I heard about Jordan I felt sorta upset, angry, and relieved. I don't know why though.And whean I saw Brian Krakow I was sort of happy because that meant that I am over Jordan Catalano.
Brian: Bye
( Brian walikng away)
(Sharon approaching)
Sharon: I heard Jordan did to you I am very sorry>
Rayanne: Do you want to make Angela feel worse.
Angela: It's ok.
Rayanne: bye
Sharon: Bye

(Entering English class)
Mr. Katemski: Please take a seat now people
Sharon: (talking to Brian) So did you hear?
Brian: Hear what?
Sharon: Jordan Catalano was making out with Holly.
Brian: Wow
Sharon: Yeah, I was shocked when I heard it
(Rayanne breaking into the conversation)
Rayanne: You people are real nosy
Sharon: Youe can't blame us.
Rayanne: Yeah right .
Sharon: whatever.

(leaving English' class)
Rayanne: That was boring
Rickie: possibly the worst class ever.
(Angela dosing into space)
Rayanne: Angela?
Rickie: Angela?
Angela: Oh, what, I'm ok.
(hears someone calling her)

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