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Chapter 12: Interrupted

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Chapter 12: Interrupted

written by Tara

added on: 26 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela looks down at the ground, thinking of everything that has happened between her and Jordan Catalano, all the good things, and the bad, and how it has effected her so much.
AngelaVO: He has this power over me, like my conscience,..or something..
Angela: Listen i know you didn't mean to hurt me, i just need time to think all of this over, its too quick for me to just forgive you for playing with my feelings. What i can tell you though..
Brian walks out into the hall to where they were talking, he stares, thinking how he wishes he was the one holding Angelas hand then..
Brian: are you guys like, still going to play the parts, or..
Jordan: Brian, cant you see were like talking.
Brian: well yeah..but um i just was wondering..
Angela looks at him, disgusted-
Angela: Why is it any of your concern whether we do the parts? Why do you have to know everything?
Jordan: Angela...
Angela takes her hand from Jordan.
Angela: no no Jordan its the truth, hes just got to know everything, and walk in on every conversation we have..
BrianVO: it was like someone tearing me apart bit by bit when she talked to me like that. like i couldn't do anything but hate myself for always showing up at the wrong Brian: well I didnt know.....i mean i just was wondering..
Angela: I have to go, i cant stand hear and listen to you give your escuses im sorry no i just wont do that...
Angela walks away looking at Jordan and slowly turning her head away.

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