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Chapter 10: Juliet meets Romeo again

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Chapter 10: Juliet meets Romeo again

written by rainne

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela stares at Jordan's huge blue eyes and swallows a lump in her throat.

KATIMSKY: Okay, okay, people, let's go, let's get started, Enrique, you stand here, Abyssinia do you have a part yet? Michael.. (he continues trying to sort everything out.)
The commotion fades into the background as Angela's voice is heard.
AC-VO: His eyes were like - taking me back in time, to when I first talked to him, kissed him, whatever. Sometimes it feels like now doesn't even exist, and everything depends on the past and the future, and whether or not they mix together.

KATIMSKY: Okay, gee whiz, I guess we should get our Romeo and our Juliet started, okay, Ms. Chase and Mr. Catalano, come on up to the front here.

He hands them each a packet with the script on it.

KATIMSKY: Oh, sheesh, we only have a few minutes, let's get rolling folks, quiet down, simmer down!

We see Jordan trying to read the script with a frustrated, almost angry look on his face. His eyes meet with Angela's, who has been watching him without even realizing it.
JORDAN: You wanna get out of here?

Without hesitating, Angela nods and smiles a tiny smile.

AC-VO: No matter how hard you try to change them, some things are just constant. They like - embed in your soul, and you don't know if you can ever let them go.
Angela brushes her hair from her face, picks up her bag, and walks with Jordan out of the room.

KATIMSKY: Romeo? Juliet? Do we have a Romeo and a Juliet? Ah, shucks, gee whiz, we'll continue this tomorrow.

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