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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 12: when dreams come true (04/09/2005)

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Chapter 12: when dreams come true (04/09/2005)

written by Ricardo B

added on: 10 Apr 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Brian wakes up,he had been dreaming all this time.(dream started from the tree and the light shinning.)he looks at the clock and the clock says 7:02am.)

Brian:oh man,i'm gonna be late!
(at school,in a hallway)

BrianVO:(walking by angela and ricky)you know how sometimes you walk by someone and they completely ignore you,like as if you never existed or ever met you,sadly it's not just angela who does it,it's everyone.

Angela:(sees brian passing by)i hate this!

Ricky:hate what?

Angela:like everything,i hate whats going on with my life.

Ricky:hey at least you have one.

Angela:hey you have a life.

Ricky: i wish.well what do you hate?

Angela:like the way brian passes by,and like i completely ignore him.i mean if i was i would feel horrible.

Ricky:well,then why don't you,like do something about it.

Angela:maybe i will.

Ricky:angela wait!!(as angela runs off the direction brian walked)

(Angela runs to another hallway,where she sees brian going in to his classroom.ricky comes after her.)

Ricky:why did you run off?

Angela:i have to talk to brian,but i don't know he totally ignores me everytime i'm arround him.

Ricky:why don't you do what "jordan" did to you.


Ricky:oh c'mon do i have to tell you....the letter.well i have to go.(ricky leaves)

AgelaVO:(she stays in front of a classroom in a hallway and trys to write the letter)you know how some people are like right,like all the time.thats about Reyanne.he told me to forgive her and inside i did.i feel better.but not completelymaybe i should tell her and comfront her.shes just going off the wrong track.and about he told me to write a letter.and thats the perfect idea.but i cant.(listens to what the people are talking in the classroom in front of her.)

Teacher:why did Anne Frank say,"in spite of everything,i still beleive that people are really good at heart"?

Student:because she knows that......

AngelaVO:sometimes you're just at a place at the right's that anne frank quote trying to tell me something?but what?am i just not getting it?(starts writing the letter)

(Brian at his locker finds the letter inside it.angela at her locker acouple lockers away from Bryan's.she looks at him grab it .Bryan walks off.and goes to read it outside the school at the stairs.)

BriansVO:Dear Brian(Angelas voice over kicks in)sorry for this cheesy letter.i'm sorry it's not as good as yours.i know we've been avoiding the subject ever since Jordan came to pick me up.but i think we've had enough.i know you like me,and theres nothing wrong with that.i'm just too confused.(Brian,keeps on reading it smileing,Angelas VO still reads it)i have liked jordan catalano,for like ever.i'm not sure how i feel now.i just ...guess i've never lik looked at you other ,my want to,like stop this. so meet me at my house tonight k.bye.please.

((((((((at Angelas house)))))))(((((((doorbell Danielle answers the door)))))))))))))

Danielle:shes upstairs

DanielleVO:hopefully one day....when i exist... he'll like come and like,ask for me instead of Angela)

Danielle:what do you see in her anyway

Angela:Danielle,go away.

Danielle:right!like if you could see me anyway.


Brian:what do you want(angryly)

Angela:come in.well...(cuts her off)

Brian:what do you see in him anyway!why cant you like me!and how could you not notice that i like you!that i've liked you,like,for ever!

Angela:Brian stop!calm down.

Brian:how can you ask me to calm down.i love you Angela! i feel like a pathetic losser!that noone notices me! even if i'm like drooling for you!i feel horrible!the girl i like dosent even like,like me .like, as a friend or nothing.

Angela:Brian no stop . i like you! when did i ever say any different.of course i like you .....

Brian: prove it!(angela grabs him and kisses him)(they kiss for about 20 seconds.they both pull away and just look at eachother in silence.)

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