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Chapter 12: You're not the only one

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Chapter 12: You're not the only one

written by Sparkykat100

added on: 12 Nov 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela pulled away from Brian, suddenly unsure.

Angela: Wait, Brian...
Brian: Huh?
Angela: I... we can't do this. Not here. Not... not anywhere.
Brian: But Angela, what about the letter? What about what you, like, said? About how it, like, made you feel?
Angela: See, the thing is... what you wrote... it made me feel special but...
Brian: But you like Jordan.

Angela suddenly remembers what took place before with Jordan and the blonde. Her eyes well up with tears.

Brian: Angela? ...What is it?
Angela: I'm so stupid, Brian.
Brian: Stupid? Why are you stupid?
Angela: Because no matter what Jordan does, no matter what happens between us... good or bad... he'll always be apart of me. And I can't... I can't, like, pretend that that's not true. Something happened, Brian, before I saw you.
Brian: What? What happened?
Angela: There was this girl, Brian. This... perfect, blonde girl. And she was there to see Jordan, and like... I hated him. I could've killed him. But... I still...
Brian: ...Love him? God, like, after everything he's done to you?
Angela (sighs): You just couldn't possibly understand, Brian. Because you've never felt this way about someone.
Brian: What?
Angela: Face it, it's true.
Brian: What about how I feel for you? What's that? That's not like how you feel about Jordan?
Angela: It's different.
Brian: How would you know? God, Angela... you think no one else knows what it's like to be you, what it's like to feel what you feel. Well, you're wrong. Because, like... I feel that way about you.
Angela: Brian...
Brian: No. Really, I do. So just...

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