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Chapter 16: Jordan the Romantic

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Chapter 16: Jordan the Romantic

written by Cherie Click

added on: 07 May 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan: So tell me the you like, wanna be with him, or like, are you going to...
(Angela interrups)
Angela: Jordan, I just can't...I mean...the letter...your letter...
(Jordan steps out of his car and puts his arms around Angela)
Jordan: I meant everything I said.
Angela: (voice over)Have you ever had one of those moments when everything is so right that you know that something is fixing to go wrong?)
(Jordan leans in to kiss Angela)
Angela: Jordan...
(They kiss)
Jordan: Sorry...I interruped you again.
(Angela smiles weakly)
Angela: It's okay, I mean...I was just gonna...
(Angela turns away)
Jordan: What's wrong?
Angela: Can we go somewhere?
Jordan: Yeah, I guess...hang on...
(Jordan grabs the keys out of his car)
Angela: Why are you getting your keys?
Jordan: You said you wanted to go somewhere...
(Angela shrugs...they walk toward the door of the loft)
Scene II-Inside the Loft
(Jordan opens the door, Angela and Jordan walk inside.)
Jordan: So, waht were you gonna say?
Angela: It's just...
(Angela looks across the loft to find a dozen red roses sitting on a stool)
Jordan: I was hoping to bring you here...the party was just a cover-up.
Angela: (voice over)Like, everything bad? That I've said about Jordan? I like, totally take it back!
(Jordan smiles and walks over to the roses)
Jordan: Here, these are for you
(Jordan hands her the roses)
Angela: Jordan...this is so
(Jordan kisses her again...the kiss lasts for what seems like hours when suddenly...)

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