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Chapter 15: Rabbit in the Headlights

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Chapter 15: Rabbit in the Headlights

written by Joie

added on: 01 Feb 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


ANGELA drives to Jordan's house. She pulls up alongside the driveway, but sees: No red convertible. She pauses, wondering whether to go inside, then thinks, and pulls out again.


Brian's car pulls up near the red convertible. ANGELA gets out. Pulling her jumper down over her cold hands, she goes upstairs to the LOFT, but the door is shut. She sighs, looks around, and spots: JORDAN, sleeping in the car. Smiling with relief, she goes back to the cars. ANGELA taps lightly on the window. JORDAN starts, then, seeing ANGELA, smiles, a little embarrassed. He opens the door.

JORDAN: I thought you were a cop.

ANGELA: No. Just me. What are you doing here?

JORDAN: (shrugs, vague) I dunno, I thought we were supposed be be rehearsing or something, but no one showed... anyway, how come you're here?

ANGELA: (gestures the car) I borrowed my neighbour's car... I mean, he said I could borrow it, for a little while.

JORDAN: That guy Brain, huh...

ANGELA: Yeah...


JORDAN: I guess, I dunno, you and him are together now or something...

ANGELA looks stunned. Like a rabbit in the headlights.

ANGELA (VO): It was such a casual question. But it just shocked me, in this way I couldn't even explain. Because, Jordan Catalano was asking me to say how *I* felt for once.

ANGELA: (shakes head) No, I'm not together with Brian. He's just like... this guy, I know. That I've know, like, forever. I'm not lying to you, okay, there's just really nothing between us.

JORDAN: (nods) It's just... you looked pretty close.

ANGELA: Yeah, looked maybe, but that's it. (Beat) I went to your place, but... you weren't there. I mean, obviously, you weren't there.

ANGELA's voice has a questioning tone to it. JORDAN shifts uncomfortably.

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