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Chapter 9: Brian freaks Angela out

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Chapter 9: Brian freaks Angela out

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela opens her Psych book to her homework page. She looks at it for a few minutes. She realizes she had no idea what is going on. She was daydreaming in class again. She decides to take Brian up on his offer. She picks up the phone and calls him.
Brian: Hello?
Angela: Hey, Brian, it's Angela.
Brian: Hey!
Angela: Listen, I think I do need help on my psych homework.
Brian: Okay, I'll be right over.
Brian arrives in 2 minutes flat. He appears in Angela's doorway.
Angela: Hey Brian.
Brian: Hi.
Brian walks over and sits on the bed beside Angela. He catches a whiff of her Gap perfume. It smells good.
Angela: So, like who is Pavlov??
Brian: Well, he, like, had these dogs and...
Angela VO: Why is that Brian is so smart in school but when it comes to relationships he is totally clueless.
Brian: everytime he rang the bell, the dogs went crazy.
Angela: Oh. So, how do I answer these questions??
Brian: Give me your pen.
Angela: Here.
Brian: Do you have any paper.
Angela: Yeah, in my backpack.
She reaches across Brian's lap and grabs her backpack. Her hand brushes his leg. He quivers. She fishes out a notebook. Brian stares intensely at Angela. She looks up at him.
Angela:'s the paper.
Brian leans in toward Angela. She jumps back.
Angela: What are you doing!??
Brian: Um, nothing. Um, it's late, I gotta go.
Brian jumps up at rushes out of the room.
Angela VO: What was that all about? Was he trying to kiss me?

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